Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ms. Bambi Photoshoot: Smiling Eyes

Since we were taking photos of her baby brother (see Baby Fruit's post yesterday), Ms. Bambi also wanted to get in on the photo action. Babies are much easier to pose and shoot than rambunctious little four year olds who didn’t take a nap. None of the photos I was getting of her were coming out until she started playing with a blanket on the floor. I tired to get her to stop and just focus on me and getting some nice photos without any luck. It was only after I stopped trying to control the situation and just shot her doing her thing that the magic started happening. I loved so many in this series, mostly because she is so incredibly happy in them all. Tyra would be so happy cuz this kid is smiling with her eyes!








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paul peggy zeus said...

It's always easier to let a child have what they want to make them happy. LOVE these pictures!

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