Friday, March 23, 2012

Mastro’s Dinner with an Audience

Mr. Rogue’s boss took him to a fabulous restaurant just around the corner from our house a few months ago. When he came home he raved about the food for over a week, and Mr. Rogue is one picky guy when it comes to restaurant food. Of course I immediately wanted him to take me, however it is one of those fancy “special occasion” type of places. He said I would just have to wait. Of course I pouted.

Last week Mr. Rogue announced that he was getting a bonus at work and that he would be taking me to Mastro’s this weekend. HURRAH. We got late reservations at 9:30, we like it a little quieter and don’t mind eating a bit later to get it.


When we arrived, instead of being taken upstairs to the room Mr. Rogue described with a veranda, a large bar and live music, we got shown into a smaller room downstairs that Mr. Rogue hadn’t been in before. With low candlelight and a quieter atmosphere than the louder bar upstairs we settled in. It wasn’t what we were expecting, but it was still nice. And since Mr. Rogue doesn’t like it when I shake the boat I decided to just sit down and make the best of it. This would be more intimate and romantic I thought… yea that’s what I thought.

I also wasn’t a huge fan of the table we were shown too. We were on the far wall, at least far from the kitchens which makes me happy, but we were seated with tables very close to either side of us. Just far enough away to squeeze through. I know that this is lala land and I know that real estate is expensive but a few more inches at such a nice place would have been appreciated.

Two seconds after sitting down a man from the table next to us reaches over to Mr. Rogue. Its his bosses bosses boss, I have met him one time before and we smiled and chit chatted for a moment. The guy introduced us to the rest of his dinner party including the guys bosses bosses boss. AWESOME! Thank goodness they had just paid the bill. We ended up talking for another 10 minutes and then they left. It would have been awkward to share our romantic dinner with them.

They left and now Mr. Rogue and I had both the table to the right and left empty. I felt like I had a little more room to breath. We ordered our wine, got our appetisers and were just warming up to a great conversation when one of the empty tables was sat. Normally we wouldn’t have even broken stride with our conversation, but something felt wrong. The couple wasn’t speaking. She was tapping away at his phone, he was looking bored, and after a while we noticed that they were BOTH listening to our conversation. They laughed at our jokes, they nodded as we discussed places we wanted to travel too. It was the oddest thing. I kept waiting for them to start talking to each other but it NEVER HAPPENED. All through appetizers, all through dinner, they just sat and watched us.

Normally I would have just kept on talking. If they were so boring they had to watch us I didn’t care, I’m not shy about being watched. Mr. Rogue however was another story. He is super quiet, super shy kind of guy and well our dinner conversation became a little stilted. Any time the conversation steered to something personal Mr. Rogue would get silent.

The food was FANTASTIC. We ordered a ton of things, and knew we would end up taking most of it home, but when we go on dinners like this we just can’t resist trying everything. I think the biggest surprise was when Mr. Rogue decided to order the special. He didn’t bother asking how big it was and he ended up with a 30 ounce rib-eye. It was GINORMOUS!!!!


The only hiccup with the food was that my first steak came out overcooked. I ordered Medium Rare and got Medium Well. For a restaurant known for their steaks I was pretty disappointed. I did of course say something and they were able to get me a new steak quickly. Other than that EVERYTHING was amazing.


The weird voyeur couple left right before desert arrived. It is hard when your expectations don’t match up to the reality. Between not being in the right room we had thought we were going to be put in, to the boss, to the cramped tables, to the undercooked steak and then to the voyeur couple; at least desert was intimate and happy. Sometimes we have to take the sunshine with the rain.

I love my man, and next time we come here we hopefully will have a better experience.


lilmansworld said...

I don't know what looks more beautiful, the food or YOU! close call, but you win!

paul peggy zeus said...

The food looks amazing, but I have to agree with Jenn. You both look marvelous. Congrats on all your sucess, Mr. Rogue!

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