Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mammoth, SF Road Trip: San Francisco Sightseeing

I drove into the heart of San Francisco city this afternoon. Now every single time I have visited San Francisco I have flown in. I spent most of my time downtown and I got from place to place in the back of cabs. So this was my very first time driving in the city and I of course got lost. Between me, my cars navigation system and my iPhone mapping feature you would think that there would be no problem... Guerty, my nav system, can sometimes be a ditsy little freak.


Regardless I managed to maneuver myself through the countless lane changes across the countless bridges, I dodged misleading road signs and one way streets... I may or may not have ended up driving in a bus lane only for a while but in the end I made it to my first destination. Lombard Street or Russian Hill. San Francisco is of course a very hilly city. Lombard street however is a really cool street that is famous for having a SUPER steep section that has eight hairpin turns. It is really incredible, something I hadn’t seen on previous visits, and of course crawling with tourists.


After visiting Lombard Street I just drove around for a while. I love playing in a city, taking photos of anything interesting. It started out as a really cloudy day but by mid afternoon the sun was shining. I pulled over and grabbed a great photo of Alcatraz and the harbor.


San Francisco reminds me a little bit of Europe. The old houses all lined up so colorfully, maintained culture for anyone who wants to drive around. I may or may not have stopped illegally a few times to snap a few very quick photos.


After I spent some time downtown I went to spend some time with my lovely Golden Gate Bridge. I decided to do the whole sweeping vistas of the Golden Gate Bridge, maybe because I am greedy, but mostly because I am curious. I wanted to see the bridge from every angle; from the beach on the south, to the park, to the vista on the north and then all the way down the scenic drive.










paul peggy zeus said...

oops, most of these photos didn't downlight again. I'll have to visit this post later.

paul peggy zeus said...

yeah, down LOAD right. lol, my fingers got ahead of my brain. Need Java.

paul peggy zeus said...

I love this city but always wondered why the golden gate bridge is painted red! Seems to be it should be gold for some odd reason. Lombard street is among one of my favorite picturesque streets I've ever seen.

lilmansworld said...

1. I said Europe in my head before I read it. 2. You have the most amazing skin ever. 3. Who took the photo of you on the rock in front of the bridge? Beautiful Post my dear!

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