Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mammoth, SF Road Trip: Nerdy Birdy - Martin Luther King Shoreline

After my afternoon sightseeing it was time to get down to business of birding. Martin Luther King Shoreline was little more than a docking harbor. I almost decided to skip it however since it was right around the corner from my next stop I decided to pop in for a quick look.


I am SO glad I did because I found a ton of birds here. Most of the birds like the American Widgeon were birds I had seen a million times before.


The Clark’s Grebe however was another story. I have only seen this bird once before and it was such a terrible photo, on a grey day from pretty far away. I was SO EXCITED that not only was this bird close but also that I got to snap a few shots before he darted under the water and got much further away. Although he isn’t a new bird I still got a much better photo of him and that makes me just as happy in some ways.


The great bird I found at this site however was the Common Goldeneye, a new bird for me, HURAH! At first I was only taking photos of the group of females that I had. The females are not as gorgeous as the males but I wasn’t going to be picky a new bird was a new bird after all even if it was the plainer female.


I wasn’t ready to give up and kept walking further down the path constantly looking around hoping to find a male around. Generally mates stick pretty close to the females but he wasn’t anywhere around. I decided to just keep going and see what else was further along and I was ecstatic when I spotted another group of Goldeneye females with a male in their midst. I just stood and shot a billion photos. At first he was just feeding with all the other birds but then he stopped to take a bath. A quick few adjustments to the camera and I was able to freeze the motion of him drying off. Gorgeous bird he was... simply gorgeous.


Since I followed the Goldeneye’s for quite some time I was a good distance from the car, time to sling my camera over the shoulder for the long trek back to the car. This thing gets heavy after hours of lugging it around but I am still so HAPPY!


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paul peggy zeus said...

My favorite today was the Male Goldeneye. Loved how his wings were out, such a cool looking bird. You found quite a few new birds on your adventure this time!!!

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