Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mammoth, SF Road Trip: Nerdy Birdy - Crissy Field Marsh

Since I had planned on being in downtown San Francisco this afternoon and since the Golden Gate Bridge was on the list of places to see I decided to pop by Crissy Field Marsh. Located on the southern end of the bridge was an old military airfield and was turned into a fabulous walkway and protected marsh. Although there were not a ton of birds at this location I found the little pocket of nature in the midst of the big city a nice breath of fresh air.


I snapped a few photos of the birds I did see but there wasn’t anything that was terribly exciting. I kept wishing that it was breeding season when the birds were that much more colorful. This American Avocet for instance would be sporting a bright rust colored head in another month. Guess that just gives me an excuse to come again next month!


I loved this puffy little Pied Billed Grebe. Generally their feathers when I see them are super slicked back from the constant diving they do for fish. This guy must have just given himself a bath, he was very obviously chilling and was constantly poofing up his feathers.


While I was taking a couple photos of the Grebe I heard the familiar call of a Killdeer right in front of me. These little guys pack a pretty loud voice and I looked around to find out what made him spook. A Red Tailed Hawk flew by quickly. Although I have a bunch of photos of the Killdeer I just loved the back lighting on him and the settings with the rocks. He stood perfectly motionless not quite sure what to make of me and my lens.


At the end of the marsh walk I came upon the Crissy Field Center and Pier. The Pier was beautiful, old, rustic and I just adored when the clouds rolled in. Clouds are gods gifts to photographers, they soften the light from the sun and can make for this gorgeous delicate feeling in photos. Not only did I love the light but I loved the barnacles and starfish found at the far end of the pier. People may have looked at me weird for laying flat on my belly taking photos UNDER the pier while everyone else was busy taking photos of the Golden Gate Bridge, but I have never had a problem with people thinking I was a bit weird. Besides the photo was gorgeous!


Next to the Crissy Field Center was a globe with a bunch of random quotes. I loved the orange color of the globe against the blue sky. Only one part of the globe was in the sunshine and I immediately gravitated to the small area of light. I read the quote through the viewfinder of my lens... Why yes thank you very much I thought this trip to San Francisco was an incredible idea, and thanks for agreeing universe!!



paul peggy zeus said...

Great shot of the Killdeer! These birds are always so skittish and fly away as soon as you approach them. I've yet to get a killer shot of this particular bird, even though we see him everywhere!!

lilmansworld said...

Oh man I want to move to California...but I'll settle for East Coast wonderment :)

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