Friday, February 24, 2012

Mammoth, SF Road Trip: Natural Beauty and Quietude

The trip was fantastic, of course it took a little turn for the left and then it was cut short by powers outside my control however I’m back and I have so much FUN things to tell you and great photos to show you. I will be putting up a kabillion posts over the next few days. It takes a mountain of time to go through all the photos, I took over 4500 pictures this trip, but I love it and can’t wait to catch you all up. So glad to be home.

The Rogue Woman

I often travel alone. With the way my husband’s work schedule is right this moment and the freedom I have from a lack of job or children I find myself at an odd place. Not quite anchored... not quite free. This week I went on a solo trip. Traveling alone isn’t for everyone but I find it exhilarating. Sure I adore traveling with my husband or a friend. But friends have responsibilities, children, and husbands of their own. And Mr. Rogue, right now he has massive amounts of never-ending work. So I have two choices. I can either sit at home and wait or I can cannonball into a life that might seem a little strange to some but that works for me.


Traveling alone makes me happy in ways that traveling with someone can never do. Alone I only have to think about me. I don’t have to worry or compromise with someone else’s wants and needs. In essence the trip becomes completely about what I want. Some people call this bold, crazy or even selfish... I say it can be awesome if it’s looked at from the right perspective.


These trips away, these trips alone, these trips spent with long pauses and even longer silences fill me up in a way that nothing else does. Like balancing ying and yang, my crazy busy life with solitary confinement. I get to escape the responsibilities of my life and it allows me to return energized. I care for myself, cultivate my inner garden, and then I come back and offer better care to others. It is a win win situation.


Of course it isn’t all amazingness covered with amazingsauce, there are times when traveling alone has its downsides. Like watching a really funny movie I cannot help when I see something truly incredible and I turn to the person who is supposed to be with me to share in the joy... only to find myself alone, or even worse making eye contact with a stranger who sends me a look of pity. But those moments are few and far between and I just smile wider in the face of pity.


So today I launched out on my own, a seven hour drive to the mountains of Mammoth where I would be meeting friends for our annual ski trip. That drive is long; I travel without the radio, without any distraction. I find it gives me plenty of time to breath deep, settle my thoughts and think without distraction. And oh how the mind wanders as the miles slip by.


I was thinking about how I try to balance the importance of living in the present with the need to plan for the future. There is a fine line, spend too much time in the now and you may end up at a future not to your liking, spend too much time planning for the future of your dreams and the moments now get missed, the future may never come to pass. Suffering the consequences of favoring one over the other is disastrous.


In essence I don’t have a schedule, I don’t have a boss, I don’t have a timeline. SO when trying to work out my own personal balance the question when it comes to traveling is should I stay or should I go. I always war with myself, I always weigh the options for days and I almost always come up with the same answer.

GO... GO... GO NOW... because tomorrow will be a different day and tomorrow may bring children into our life, or illness, or financial stress, or death. Today is all I can control. Today I seize the day.


Today is glorious. The road is my muse.


paul peggy zeus said...

OMG I have that exact same sweater! lol. Life is All About You, so I'm happy you know how to go out and grab your moments of splendor.

lilmansworld said...

The journey of a road trip is awesome! You illustrate it beautifully! As a person who doesn't get any quiet time, I appreciate a car ride without radio as well. Or NPR. Then I feel like an adult :)

sanyuphobia said...

Love it! Shine that light! Do you!

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