Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mammoth, SF Road Trip: Getting my Snow Fix On

We all woke up early. The snow glistened in the sun, it was going to be a perfect skiing day. My friends left earlier to rent their ski equipment and I had a quiet breakfast with a fantastic view of the peak of Mammoth mountain from our condo window. Oatmeal and apples... breakfast of champions.


After breakfast I walked to the slopes and found my friends surfing the bunny hill. Both of them ski rarely but they love the slopes. I spent a little while hanging out with them, working on my turns and giving a few pointers. I learned to ski when I was 13 or 14 one winter with my church youth group and became HOOKED. Every year I go as often as I can, some years more often than others, yet every time I ski I fall in love all over again.


I ventured off on my own for the top of the mountain where I love to be. Me the slope, the ski, the swish, the wind, the snow, the serenity of the mountain.




75 at the beach in LA yesterday and 45 degrees today skiing on the slopes of the mountain. Ahhhh I love Southern California.






One of the things I love the most about the mountains are the gorgeous coniferous trees. I grew up in Michigan loving the fantastic greenery. Living in LA, in the dessert, I find myself missing the green of my youth. These mountains call to that childlike love.




It was a fantastic day and then it became an even more fantastic night. After six hours skiing I had built up a veracious appetite so I met up with my friends and we walked to the Austria Hof. Oh how I wallowed in deliciousness; escargot for an appetizer, pecan and black pepper crusted elk with a linden berry wine reduction sauce, and orange flavored crème brulee. A two hour meal fit for a queen.



paul peggy zeus said...

OOOOO Baby, It's Cold Outside! Your pink cheeks look so cute! Glad you went even though so many had to cancel. Fun, Fun Fun!!

lilmansworld said...

If California wasn't so expensive, I'd move there in a heartbeat! That meal sounds AMAZING!!!!!!!! How could one ever be a vegetarian when that magical meal makes me want to go hunt for an elk ahhahha

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