Tuesday, March 27, 2012

MAC it UP!

Over the past few days I have been to quite a few malls and often I am tempted by all the makeup. Normally I just turn the other way and keep walking. I don’t often wear makeup or when I do I will just apply a little. Some mascara, a tiny bit of nudish eyeshadow and maybe some lipgloss. Badda boom badda bing. However I have a wedding I am going to this weekend and since the sirens call of the MAC counter became louder I gave in.


I adore that you can get a makeover, and even though I didn’t have anywhere to be that day I thought I would just have someone show me a new way to do my eyes. Now I like to stalk the girls working behind the counter from afar. I want to find out who’s makeup I like and who’s I don’t, which girl seems nice (because who wants to be uncomfortable while learning something) and who the OTHER girls turn to for guidance. Once I locate the girl that has it all I walk up and wait. Most of the time they are the busiest but the wait is always worth it. And while you are waiting you can look at all the pretty colors!


I ended up picking the manager and she was FANTASTIC. I told her I wanted something for a wedding, something that could work for day but also for evening, and something outside my normal comfort zone. We discussed colors and my skin aversions to any makeup with perfume in it and she brought over a few options to try. Most of them were just the bronzy blush colors that I normally wear but one option had a beautiful rusty gold, a creamy yellow and a black. BLACK EYESHADOW… gasp never before on my eyes… unless it was Halloween.


I let her drive the car often deferring to what she preferred and I was so happy with the results. It was a nice punch up from my normal look but not so far off that I felt odd. She even toned down my lip color with a nude wash which made my eyes pop even more. LOVED IT.

Sorry about the crummy quality of the photo I was using my cell phone under florescent lights but you can at least get an idea.


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paul peggy zeus said...

You look lovely. I wish you would have closed your one eye so we could really see the results. Way to scope out the competition for the perfect talented makeup artist.

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