Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Eatalian Cafe

My friend has been trying to bring me to one of her favorite Italian Restaurants for three months and our schedules just never matched up. Today we both found our afternoon free and I finally got to experience the Eatalian Cafe.

Yea you heard me right... when she said the name it took me a minute to get it.

“Eat what???” I asked

It is much easier to understand written than it is spoken. Regardless I finally got it, you know, let’s go to a place where you can eat, but it is also Italian. I was a little worried; with such a kitschy name I wasn’t expecting much. When we drove up I was even more worried. With no parking to speak of and in the middle of ‘I would have never known it was there’ my little niggle of thinking this might still be ok kind of left. Located in a warehouse wedged into the industrial section of Gardena it wasn’t my idea of a great location for a hot spot of Italian food.

However it came highly recommended from my friend AND I found out it was also featured in the LA Times Food Section’s “The Find”. So I held on to my reservations and we walked into a restaurant unlike anyplace I had ever been before.


The interior is all warehouse airy industrial. Stark white walls and sweeping high ceilings the space was gigantic. The restaurant was packed, there was a long line of people waiting to be sat, this place was obviously well attended. We were walked to our table past lots of glass walls showing gleaming machinery for their baked goods and pastries, homemade pasta, a cheese making room and their famous gelato. I found out everything is made from scratch at this location, what a CLEVER idea.


The menu was full of pizzas, pastas and sandwiches. Since I was trying to watch what I was eating I originally came in looking for something on the healthy side but I am a sucker for gnocchi and I couldn’t pass up the chance to have freshly handmade gnocchi. Topped with a divine pesto sauce I just couldn’t pass it up. The gnocchi coupled with the most GLORIOUS freshest bread in the entire world put me a little above the calories I wanted to spend on lunch. I just couldn’t resist, besides moderation is the key, so this is me moderating to the far left.


Everything was DIVINE I tell you. How I lived only two miles from this place and never knew about it I don’t know because I could eat here every single day. I ended up only eating half my meal because the dessert station at the restaurant was calling me. I was just going to have a taste, after all I wasn’t terribly hungry, but the gelato was so delicious and the devil on my shoulder was all like:

“How often do you get to have the most amazing handmade gelato.”

I had a few bites, and then because I couldn’t help myself I got a chocolate covered cannoli. Best cannoli I have ever had.


I will just make up the extra calories with eating well the rest of the week.

When we left I had to blink my eyes for this place grabbed me up and transported me to Italy. YES the food was that good. A place I must take Mr. Rogue soon, very very soon because I cannot wait for another cannoli.


Inzodda said...

The cannoli looked delicious! I can't believe you lived so close to such a delicious eatery either and didn't know! Otherwise, you could have taken me there!!! :)

lilmansworld said...

Wow that looks like such an incredible experience and restaurant!

paul peggy zeus said...

I love it when a restaurant has glass windows where you can see the kitchen, they're always so much cleaner. I know from personal experience of being an insurance agent and inspecting many restaurant kitchens, so many of which you'd never want to eat in ever again! (especially those chinese restaurants).

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