Saturday, March 24, 2012

BBBS 53: Frozen Stairmaster

I had told Ms. Little in October that I would take her back to the snow this winter, but that promise was made before we had such mild weather. This winter has been terrible for the lovers of snow; mild, calm, not many major storms and just too warm. So this weekend before what LITTLE is on the mountain is gone I decided to wrangle up the girls (Ms. Little and her twin sister) and take them to the mountains.

This is a whole day affair. It takes at least two and a half hours to get there, two and a half hours back and then because we are going to be gone so long there is the stop to eat, oh yea and all those bathroom breaks. No no we don’t stop for the girls; I am the one with the gerbil bladder.

We got up to Big Bear and I was relieved to see that there was snow. This is the girls second time seeing snow and they ADORE it. What kid doesn’t? We rented our inner tubes and got down to the business of having FUN. Of course when I talk about fun I mean the mad screaming excitement of racing down a snow covered hill. That however only takes a moment, in one breath we are tipping over the edge and racing down to the bottom of the hill.



That is the fun part. The real work is picking yourself off the icy ground, and girding your loins to carrying your tube back up the hill. Once, twice, three times not so bad… after an hour I am ready to trade all the shoes in my closet for an escalator thingy to take me to the top of the hill.



We took several breaks and the girls even got creative during one of our rest periods by making mini snowmen. The snowman was so tiny and so cute, she was super happy with it and I was too until she asked me to ride down the hill with Mr. Snowman. Oh and while you are doing that don’t drop him M’kay!









After taking our breaks we would get back up again and start climbing that damn hill again. Oh but the giggles and the laughter and the fun we had made up for all the hard work. At least I got a ton of exercise. Although maybe next year I will take Ms. Little skiing where they have chair lifts to get you back to the top.

Sorry for the shape of the videos, I am a much better photographer than I am a videographer. Oh and yes I know I scream too much. I am gonna have to work on both of those in the future.

After we were exhausted we turned in our tubes, changed our clothes and headed on the long drive home. The weather wasn’t cooperating. A horrible fog came in and it started to rain. After only 15 minutes both girls conked right out. Driving home with laughter still ringing in my ears, two little sweethearts slumbering away… LOVE IT!




paul peggy zeus said...

Peals and Squeals of laughter, joy and fun! What a great big sister you have made to two special girls.

Jennifer Arens said...

Hahah i LOL about the trading in your shoes for an escalator! California really does have it all!

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