Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine’s Day Road Rage

I had such a super busy day and then it was made worse by LALA drivers. Not only was LA traffic even worse than normal but because everyone HAD somewhere to go so quickly everyone was breaking all the rules. Now I am not saying that I follow every single rule all the time… sometimes I go a tiny bit faster than I am supposed to HOWEVER the apparent lack for following any of the rules almost caused me to get in a few accidents. It also left me with a terrible temper. Road rage on Valentine’s day was not on the menu.

After having a pity party and contemplating just going home and not dealing with getting food for dinner or picking up Mr. Rogue’s present, I put on some classical music, did some deep breathing and kept trucking on. Because a bunch of law breaking heathens were not going to ruin my Valentine’s day.

After picking up the beer for Mr. Rogue’s annual beer basket gift and getting the groceries for spaghetti dinner I scrambled home to get everything ready for tonight.

Mr. Rogue arrived just as I was putting dinner on the table and he was angry. He had ordered flowers that sadly never arrived. I was bummed but I could appreciate the gesture and who needs flowers when you have the best partner in the world.

Our Valentine’s day was simple. We didn’t go to a fancy restaurant. We dined in our pjs and had a slow relaxing dinner at home. Neither of us spent a ton of money. It was a nice quiet evening and it was exactly the kind of Valentine’s Day we needed.

Happy Valentine’s Day,
Smootches The Rogue Woman
(the girl who loves heels)


P.S. or should I say the girl who loves heels and has too much time on her hands



paul peggy zeus said...

ONLY you! That's one more of the many things I love about you.

lilmansworld said...

I'll take the striped ones with poms on them in a size 7 1/2 please :)

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