Sunday, January 29, 2012

To Edit or not to Edit

Photographers are basically in two separate camps when it comes to editing photos. Some say straight out of the camera is the only way not to bastardize the photo. Others beilive a little editing, some contrast, a little sharpening is ok. And then there are others who massively edit their photos, who remove objects from the photo, who clean up imperfections in skin, who drastically edit the photo so it looks nothing like the original. Me I am an equal opportunity photographer. I just do what I like, sometimes it is straight out of the camera, sometimes minor editing and sometimes I go all out.

Whenever I get upset I go into a shell, I eat a ton of really REALLY bad food and I immerse myself with a new challenge... because if I am challenged I am not thinking about my emotions. So in light of yesterdays drama, today I PLAYED with Photoshop, in particular I played with Photoshop action sets and I think I am in love.

Be prepared for massive amounts of what many photographers would see as over-editing. I had fun!







A good challenge, a massive amount of chocolate, a great glass of wine and my art. Works every time.


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