Thursday, February 16, 2012

There’s a Blueberry in my Armpit

Yesterday I was playing with shoes and trying to find the perfect matched cardigan, today I got a reality freak-out.

I was taking a shower scrubbing away and thinking when I noticed it. My armpit was hurting. I put down the loofa and reached over with my hand. Pressing deep I found a mass.... and my heart skipped several beats. It felt like the size of a blueberry, maybe a little bit bigger, it is deep under my skin and it hurt when pressed.

I do periodic self breast examinations, my grandmother’s family is riddled with breast cancer and you can never be sure to look too often. And even though this mass wasn’t on my breast it was a mass and it was CLOSE ENOUGH. I got out of the shower, I barely dried off and I scrambled to the computer. Google can be a very scary place for those of us that find a mass. Words like cancer, six months to live, lymphoma issues all jumped out in angry bold. I started hyperventilating so I turned off the computer. Researching wasn’t helping.

Mr. Rogue was sleeping; he has been exhausted from all the hours he has been working. Since he couldn’t really do anything to fix my problem I just tried to calm down and go to sleep, the faster morning came the better. I couldn’t sleep well; I kept having nightmares about cancer, about only living six months, about how my blueberry killed me. I gave up on trying to sleep and started watching the clock tick at about 6:45am, my doctor’s office opens at 8:00am. It was the longest night of my life.

My regular doctor was out; the technician started making my appointment for tomorrow. I started to really freak out. I needed to see someone today, right this second, as in right now. I guess she read correctly the hysteria in my voice. She fit me in to see another doctor in a half hour. I had just enough time to get there for my appointment.

Because I was squeezed in I had to wait, wait in the waiting room, wait in the little room all alone. And I think that hour of waiting in the office was harder than the waiting all night long, my mind always goes to the worse case scenarios. Once the doctor walked in the door I couldn’t show her fast enough. As she looked, poked and prodded I started to tear up.

“Is it cancer?” I asked shakily

She giggled, seems like I got myself a good ole infected sweat gland. WHAT!! She isn’t 100% sure but since it hurts when pressed and by the way it looks that is her best guess. The immediate relief left my knees weak. I was put on antibiotics and Advil for the swelling and sent home. Periodic hot compresses multiple times a day, no deodorant or shaving AND my favourite part; don’t let your arm rub the bump. Needless to say I have been walking around with my hand either on my hip or behind my head so I can leave my armpit free of any arm rubbing. AWESOME.

I have a follow-up in 10 days. If it isn’t cleared up by then she will run an ultrasound and a few more tests to be sure it isn’t something else. For now I cling to the hope this isn’t serious, just something extremely uncomfortable. My stupid screwed up armpit with a blueberry sized sweat gland.


p.s. At least I live in LALA land where the crazy live. Where I can go grocery shopping with my hand on my head and it isn’t something that garners me too many odd looks.


paul peggy zeus said...

You just proved another theory - Life can really be the pits sometimes. har har!

lilmansworld said...

glad its not cancer, maybe a time to switch deodorant? I dunno.

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