Friday, February 17, 2012

Starting a Photography Business

Sure the idea of taking photos of gorgeous little babies sounds super fun but I have been hesitant to dive into a photography business because of the business side. There are so many things you need to do, so many things you need to know, so many pitfalls and traps and well 9 out of 10 small businesses fail in their first year. I feel like there are a couple key things you need to dive into this.

First to know is the technical side of being a photographer. Thankfully over the past four years I have learned so much about photography. Granted most of my experience is centered around wildlife photography but I figure if I can take photos of a wild hummingbird in flight I can take a photo of a still sleeping baby. I feel I have a good grasp on the serious technical knowledge about cameras, lighting and how the two work together to create a technically correct photograph.

The second thing is a little trickier you need to have a good eye for what makes a good photo. It is something that cannot really be taught or trained. It is something that you have or something that you grow over time. I have been a student of art for... forever. I have always been interested, that whole bachelors of science in art, all those art history courses, classes on perspective and color theory all play into my training.

Working as a portrait photographer you are going to deal with a ton of people. I was a waitress for almost eight years, I can honestly say I have meet a billion people, served them, swallowed my anger, learned to think before I talk all in the name of customer service. Oh how that job taught me well to eat some humble pie.

I feel like I am a pretty analytical person, meticulous to detail, thorough in my research. The business side of business is often where people fail. Money is often slow to come in. Advertising is difficult. It takes much longer to get clients than you expect and inevitably there are problems and hardships involved with the day to day operations.

For now we are just trying it out on a small scale, just to see if this is something that we would like. Newborn photography... who would have guessed.


paul peggy zeus said...

I know you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to. You've proved it time and time again, so if this is what you want, GO FOR IT!

lilmansworld said...

Your business card should list all the things you tackle in addition to Newborn Photography :) Pretty sure it'd be full front and back

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