Friday, February 10, 2012

Shopping Partners

Today I got in the car and I drove to pick up Mr. Rogue’s mom. She had flown in 9 days ago to help with her newest grandchild, but after all the work she did I thought a few hours of fun could be interesting. I say interesting because I wasn’t quite sure if it was going to go well, or go terribly unwell. Don’t worry we get along quite well, it’s just that I love to shop and well mom... she doesn’t like to shop at all.

This could be interesting.

We got in the car and took off to the stores and she admitted that she almost called me to cancel. The girl hates shopping so much she was going to cancel on me, GASP! We started going through the store and I just started putting things in the cart for both of us to try on. Mom was a super good sport and although she started to get a little alarmed at the mountain of clothes piling up in the cart she vowed to at least try everything on.


She was being so agreeable to all the choices I was making that the little devil in me couldn’t resist seeing if I could get her to try on something a little bit more outrageous. I found these fabulous gold and silver sparkly shiny pants and although she laughed she agreed to try them on! HOLA!!!! Of course I couldn’t let her jump into trying on something so out of character for her alone, so I offered to try on a completely HANIOUS shiny pinky/peach suit.


You should have seen the two of us in the dressing room giggling like little kids, taking photos while the onlookers all tossed us side smiles!


Seriously we ended up being in the dressing room for an hour, maybe even an hour and a half. A long time in the land of shopping patience. I was waiting for mom outside the dressing room, she came out and I had to suppress a smile. The girl was so tuckered out from trying on clothes she managed to put her shirt back on inside out!


On the way out I even managed to convince her to grab a pair of shoes and then a fabulous red coat. When we both walked out of the store we had a LOOT of stuff. A successful first store, of course one store was enough for mom. We were both getting hungry and weren’t quite ready to return home so we went to the Olive Garden for a little late lunch. A perfect end for a pretty perfect outing!

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lilmansworld said...

I think Aretha Franklin would have picked out that coral shiny get up you had on hahaha. So gaudy hahhaha! Glad some dress-up is a good time killer and also a great way to share some laughs with a MIL :)

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