Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Newborn Photography

Oh why oh why can’t I ease into something. Why oh why couldn’t I be the girl who dips her toe in the water. Why oh why must I cannon ball. WHY OH WHY must I go so fast and so furious!

This week I could have been working on my curtains which I have been ignoring by not going into my craft room.

This week I could have worked on the recipes for my cookbook. That food isn’t going to cook itself. But then I am hiding from the kitchen and cooking in general.

This week I could have worked out and started to try again to get into better shape. But let’s be honest I am a hopeless mess and I am avoiding the exercise room.

This week I should have rested, napped, propped my feet up and generally de-stress so I can actually get pregnant, however often the best laid plans go awry.

So instead of doing all the things I should be doing I am currently OBSESSING about trying out this newborn photography business thing. Like I took some photos of my nephew a week ago and cannot get taking photos of babies out of my mind. And well if it’s in my mind then that is all I can focus on, nothing else is possible. Dive in I must!

To be fair I have been thinking about turning my little photography hobby into some sort of income for a while. Mr. Rogue and I have discussed when he leaves from his current job we will do some sort of freelance from home, together, and why not make money around something we love to do. There are various avenues we have discussed but up to a week ago everything was a hypothetical. This week that has all changed.

Mrs. Dancer has offered to be my partner in crime and I have been on the phone with her, we have been buying supplies, discussing strategy and are preparing to seriously test the waters of creating a newborn photography company.

I KNOW RIGHT, one week it is just an idea and the next week we are making it a reality.


So dive in I must, head first into becoming a newborn photographer, wish me luck!


paul peggy zeus said...

You make a beaver hold his head in shame. Go for it.

Cortney said...

You cannot limit yourself to newborns! There are toddlers with parents who would love a nice family picture (ahem, like a certain Bulldog family I know). You can do it all :)

lilmansworld said...

I always knew you could do something with Photography! Its part of you and you do remarkable work!

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