Monday, February 20, 2012

Ding DONG, Who’s there?

My flowers, my bear, my balloons finally came today... as in six days AFTER Valentine’s day. It was sweet my man thought of me, it was sweet he ordered flowers and balloons and a bear. When he got home valentines night from work he had this curious look on his face like... ahhhhhh.... where are they. That’s when he told me he had sent me flowers and that’s when he got all adorably angry I didn’t get them. I so love my man!

I was bummed that they didn’t arrive Valentine’s Day but figured I would get them the next day. Next day came and went... NO, nada nothing. I actually didn’t get angry until the third day when they STILL had not arrived. Poor Mr. Rogue by this point was furious. Then today they door bell rang and I was greeted by a man holding my Valentine’s Day bounty. I am confused how it could take six days to get me my flowers. A day I get, Valentine’s Day is very busy, you didn’t have enough drivers or enough flowers or your lost your damn mind. Six days without a phone call of apology is simply ludicrous.


Lesson learned. When you move it screws up all your major vendors; dry cleaning, grocery, oil change AND the florist.

Now that I am done ranting I am going to let go of the anger and enjoy my gifts. I feel better already. Blogging can be so therapeutic sometimes.


paul peggy zeus said...

I adore the vase the flowers are in. At least he thought of you, that's what counts.

lilmansworld said...

Some GOOD loot!

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