Saturday, February 18, 2012

BBBS 52: The Secret of Arrietty

Ms. Little and I decided to catch a movie today for our outing. Last time we went to see a movie she was adamant to see a big girl movie... this time when I recommended a few PG-13 movies she then was adamant that she was still a kid and wanted to see a kids movie.

Thirteen is such a hard age. She is not quite a child but not quite an adult either.

In the end she decided she wanted to see Secret of Arrietty. I was just thrilled it wasn’t Alvin and the Chipmunks part seven million AND that this movie got a 93% on rottentomatoes.com. Double score.


After the movie we spent some time at the mall, talked about school, her family and her new very first boyfriend.

As for other updates Ms. Little received a new phone for her Christmas present... she is now a constant texting maniac. We are going to need to have a conversation about cell phone etiquette soon.



paul peggy zeus said...

I wish I had someone little that I could take to the movies as an excuse for going to all those wonderful animated flicks. Maybe I can snatch Jake up for a movie.

lilmansworld said...

Yes Peg you can take Jake to as many kid movies as possible! I've never heard of this movie Roguewoman. Fun to have a lil to do things with!

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