Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Baby Brain: Time to Take Charge

I am going against doctors orders this month but I am only breaking the rules a little and only because I am confused by what is going on.

Men you can stop reading, this is girl talk.

Mr. Rogue and I have had a long road to try and become parents:

1. We started trying to get pregnant in February 2011.

2. Seven months later we were so happy when we found out I was pregnant.

3. A little over two months into the pregnancy I went in for my standard ultrasound and found out that the babies heartbeat had stopped.

4. We took about three months off to give my body time to rest and then started trying again.

5. Four months of trying found us pregnant again!

6. Only a few days after finding out we were pregnant I experienced an early miscarriage.

After the second miscarriage we were considered high risk so we were took through various rounds of tests and even checked our chromosones, http://www.theroguewoman.com/2011/08/baby-brain-building-blocks.html they found nothing wrong with either of us. Because nothing is technically wrong with us theories are being thrown around. Losy goosy theroies, nothing confirmed with fact. Since one of the theories is that the miscarriages could be a result of high levels of stress my doctor suggested not tracking my basal temperature, not use ovulation strips, to just go with the flow and try to get pregnant without stress. We have been trying for nine months and we are still not pregnant.

Part of that reason I am suspecting has to do with my wacky cycle. My periods since the first miscarriage have been ALL over the place. Super long cycles or missed periods they just don’t make sense. My OBGYN said that miscarriages are not only emotionally upsetting but it also disrupts your body’s hormonal system. Some woman return to normal relatively soon, others find that their cycles are changed forever.

Mrs. Fruit and I found out we were pregnant at the same time and I lost my child. Since the birth of my nephew a new wave of hurt has exploded. My baby could have been here now as well.

This month I decided to take control of the situation and use ovulation strips. By using the strips I am hoping to get pregnant quickly. PRAYING, hoping.... dreaming.


Anonymous said...

Sending LOVE and more LOVE. This will happen, you deserve this and doing whatever you can to make it happen is in my opinion VERY smart! XOXO

nicoleandmaggie said...

I'm so sorry for your losses.

Have you seen a reproductive endocrinologist yet? I do not trust OB/GYN at *all* with the ttc aspects of pregnancy. And no, there's no real reason to wait to ttc after a miscarriage (so long as you're taking your prenatals).

It also sounds like you're getting advice directly in opposition to what most RE give. An RE will at the very least inspire more confidence by giving you a multi-pronged plan of attack. (We do these tests, you try these methods, then we move to these, then these then these... etc.) That's a much better way to get rid of anxiety/stress than just stopping tracking. Other ways would be cognitive behavioral therapy (to stop the physical response to stress) or acupuncture or just spa visits depending on what relaxes you.

Good luck! (I have PCOS, a blocked fallopian tube, and my DH had male-factor with our first before we put him on a multi-vitamin. It took a year and a half of doctors visits etc, but I have a 5 year old.)

paul peggy zeus said...

NIcoleandmaggie sound like she knows exactly what she's talking about. i agree with you, it's time to start taking some kind of pro action. Their way isn't working, maybe it's time to see a new doctor as well who will help you move on with this process I don't know if you're ever in a totally relaxed mode, you go-go-go all the time, even if you've cut back on your traveling. Real Estate Classes, researching investments, packing, moving, holiday mad dash, finding renters, fixing up houses and apartments, helping out others, the list goes on and on. I love you so much, baby girl, and will pray every day for you. It's YOUR turn, you deserve to have your own child.

Alissa Nicolau said...

My Fertility Doc prescribes acupuncture for stressed women. That wasn't me, but I know a gal who that, plus IUI, worked for her. It is truly hard to not think about it, all the baby wanting, and your body, but ya gotta. Lots of love to you. Alissa

lilmansworld said...

Well at least the practicing is fun and all the extra drinks to pee on the sticks will prepare you for WHEN you are actually pregnant :) Every woman's body is different but I have been praying really hard for ya'll!

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