Saturday, December 31, 2011

Remembering 2011 in Words and Photos

Last year when I put together this post I was devastated over my lost pregnancy but hopeful that by the end of 2011 I would be holding my child or at the very least be pregnant, that hasn’t happened yet and to say that I am sick of fighting is an understatement. However I keep reminding myself that we all have our burdens to bear and I just have to strive for patience. Patience and a better look at the glass half full not half empty.

On a good note there were some incredible moments of 2011 like our trip to Galapagos, a new house, my husbands love, and so much more.

So for 2012 I am not going to pin my hopes on something that I can do little about, instead I am going to try and focus on the things I can change you know like WORLD PEACE.

But didnt the Mayans say that we are all going to die in 2012? If that is the case then come be crazy with me... well come be crazy with me after my month of doing nothing. It is going to take a month to recouperate from the past few months.

See you in the new year.

Nerdy Birdy: Barn Owl Suprise
“..my mother and I were running from tree to tree stumbling around in the dark and mostly searching in vain”

Printing your Blog into a Book
“Let me tell you, this process was SO MUCH SIMPILER IN MY HEAD. Does that ever happen to you, things that you think will be easy, things that you have imagined, are a TON less work than it is in reality.”

They Gave me Dirty Looks
“ Right there, that first trying to get everything situated spot moment, the part where I have to attempt to tie the cart cover up thing on the cart in the rain exactly where my purse usually goes. That moment should have set the stage for today’s drama.”

Ann Arbor, MI: Chrystal Clarity
”Of course I had to unbury the car, scrape the windows and freeze my little bits off in the process. Ahhhh I remember now east coast a big reason why I decided to dump you and move west... you suck!”

Men are from Mars
”Bottom line is that ‘New Daughter’ had a guy with a gun on the cover and he was hoping that there would be someone shooting that gun and ‘Never Let Me Go’ had two women on the cover and the word everlasting love on it. I never pegged Mr. Rogue for a...”

Dancer Wedding: Two and a Half Dead Phones
”Catastrophe number three happened at the last store, and OH WHAT A CASTROPHE IT WAS. Actually if you look at the whole picture it was more like catastrophe vomited all over the place.”

Beam me Up Scotty
”However I got the question half past my lips but stopped. I thought that would be weird and awkward, pimping dates for my friend as he examined my foot.”

Baby Brain: A High Risk OBGYN
“It was a little weird too, she was in her late forties but had on a ton of makeup and pretty sparkly pink glitter toe nail polish that I would imagine more on an eight year old little girl than a ... “

Panama City Florida: Escalator Bites
“...so we ran... we ran through the ENTIRE AIRPORT, got on a tram to the other concourse and then proceeded to try to run up escalator steps while carrying a heavy bag full of camera equipment. And of course I tripped, in sandals on the escalator and...”

Trash Babies
”Just to be clear God this really wasn’t what I was wishing for when I prayed this morning, but I guess you know best.”

Baby Brain: Boot Camp Training
”But you see the floors in that old house well they creak. And I am not talking about little tiny creaks I am talking about big huge blowout creaks. I walk as silently as I can up to the door. I slowly turn the knob; I crane my head into the room trying to look into the crib when all the sudden...”

Curses to Curtains
”So I have been containing the excitement, or I should say I have been trying to contain the decorator beast that wants to let go and buy all the things I need for the new house.”

”Of course we don’t want to wait another three weeks before we can live in our new home Mr. Seller... it isn’t like we did this on purpose to just screw with you! Because is it working!!!!!”



paul peggy zeus said...

What a nice way to end the year. I love this!

lilmansworld said...

I really enjoyed this post, as I do your blog in general :) I thought in the 2000s we were supposed to be like the Jetsons and take 4 seconds to get to work in our Prius?

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