Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Procrastination My New Best Friend

Every year after the new year I wake up expecting things to be different. A year is over, a new year is beginning shouldn’t the sun shine brighter, shouldn’t all the drama of the past year just sluff away, shouldn’t this day be different than the days of 2011. But life keeps the past weaving into our present which means that even though I have hung a new calendar I am still dealing with the same old stuff.

I am still grappling with therapy, still trying to deal with my depression, still attempting to control my eating and I still don’t feel like I am any closer to solving my problems. Last year I wanted to work on volunteering more hoping that breaking more time and attention off of me and giving more to others in greater need would help me develop a better perspective. However I didn’t do well, things got in the way and I ended up doing a ton of work, research and preparations for investing and real estate. But that is how life is sometimes, even your best intentions can go a little off track.

So since it is that time of year again, time for the next new year’s resolutions, I am having a hard time choosing what to focus on this year. There is a ton I would love to do but I am worried about the practicality.

I would love to focus on losing weight, but that is a battle I am constantly fighting and haven’t quite figured out yet.

I would like to learn to be a better baker and work with pastry maybe even take a few fancy cake decorating classes but then I want to try to lose weight and spending a ton of time in the kitchen making things that make me gain weight does not seem a little counterproductive.

I would like to learn to play an instrument, the piano, but really don’t think I have it in me right now.

And so many more...

Bottom line is I feel a little beat down. Everything I would like to do seems too hard or its simply that right now I am too tired. So instead of trying to force something out just because it is the beginning of January I am going to give myself a few weeks off.

Procrastination, not normally my friend, but I am going to try it on for a little while.

P.S. any suggestions of what you think I should try are welcome.


paul peggy zeus said...

Perhaps a bit of photography for others - Childrens hospital? You could cheer them up and do what your already good at and at the same time giving your time to those who are less fortunate. :) Keep smiling. You'll figure it out.

lilmansworld said...

One thing I decided to do this year is to send pictures of Jacob on the same day as my rent(mortgage for you) is due, to grandparents and great grandparents. I feel infinitely guilty when Christmas or Birthday comes around and a card comes in the mail from them and they haven't heard from us in MONTHS! So I figure that would be a good one to try :) Its not like we don't take enough pictures right?

sanyuphobia said...

How about Meditation? Have u tried TM meditation before? If interested let me know. :)

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