Friday, January 13, 2012

Preparations for Baby Fruit Shower – Part 2

With Mrs. Fruit’s baby shower tomorrow there was still some things I needed to get done. With a mixed crowd of Phillipine and American cultures Mrs. Fruit decided to just make it a whole lot simpler and cater the food for the baby shower. Since I then only had to worry about the deserts I wanted them to be a little better than the average grocery store sheet cake. Mrs. Dancer found a fantastic place that sold mini cupcakes and I knew I wanted to bring Macroon’s.

One of the girls in book club last week brought the most delicious delicate Macroon’s I have ever tasted. I liked Macroon’s before, but can I just say that I am now deeply in love. I want to learn to make Macroon’s just like these, goal number 7,983. Anyways since I don’t have time to learn to make these between now and Saturday I just decided to order them from the same place. Lette in Beverly Hills... I die... welcome to the Macroon Mecca!


Since I was trying to be a bit less last minute run around I arranged to pick these up early this morning. Mrs. Dancer and I swung around on our way to Mrs. Fruit’s house. And I just couldn’t help myself I grabbed the 50 macroons I ordered for the party and then I ordered four more to go, just so we could all try them after lunch. I just couldn’t resist their gorgeousness. And with the Macroons picked up the only thing I have to do in the morning is pick up the balloons. SCORE!

We got to Mrs. Rambo’s, who is on bed rest, with all the decorations for the shower. We hung the sign, then re-hung the sign, and then gave up on the tape and re-hung the sign once again with thumb tacks. We put together centerpieces and brought out supplies for the games. We smiled over setting everything up, it felt good to be all ready for the shower.

After we set up for the shower we ran upstairs. Mr. Fruit had painted the nursery, Mrs. Fruit had purchased all the decorations, and now it was just time to put it all together. Mrs. Fruit was delegated to the chair, she opened boxes and made suggestions and even jumped up a few times to help before being coaxed back into her seat.


Mrs. Dancer and I hung paintings, we put together the mobile and then we struggled to put the entire freshly washed sheet set on the bed. Why oh why do they make these sheets so tight, and all these ties on the bumper when it needs to be changed so often. Crib sets = torture in my book.

We left the decals for last. Dinosaur stickers to fill up the wall, that got stuck, and then rearranged, then unstuck and then stuck again. It shifted for a while until we were all happy.


We said our goodbyes all wrapped in smiles excited for tomorrow to come. My last thing on the list to do for tonight, make ham appetites as an additional finger food for the party. I finished at 9 with plenty of time to spend with my husband, relaxed in the thought that everything was ready for the party.


paul peggy zeus said...

The party theme is perfect for a little boy. Keep me away from that store, Macaroons are my FAVORITE COOKIE!!

lilmansworld said...

I don't think I've ever had macaroons....gotta change that :)Beautiful preparations and an adorable nursery :) Babies are delightful!

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