Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In Love with the Night

It is now night number two. Since Mrs. Fruit cannot drive and because she is still needs rest, I offered to come and help out with the baby, stay in the Fruit’s guestroom and be their help with anything girl. When I arrived we tried to come up with a tentative sleeping schedule, so everyone could get some sleep. Our tentative schedule seems to be working out.

Since I am a night rat I took the graveyard shift. I work 9:30pm - 7:30 am and then she takes over the baby all day. You see Mrs. Fruit is one of those unfortunate people who cannot sleep during the day. I say unfortunate because sleep is something I love. I can do it anytime, anywhere... I can do it in a car, in a plane or on a busy train (too much Dr. Seuss).

So last night I stayed up late and drank in the baby deliciousness all on my own. And it makes it all the easier because this baby is a great baby. Every two hours almost on the dot it's feeding time. Then a diaper change (I have yet to be christened with the golden shower). Burp then bed for another two hours. Rinse and then repeat.

Since Mrs. Fruit is on medication, she is pumping and throwing away her breast milk, we are feeding the baby formula. The little bottles all prefilled and ready to go make the work in the middle of the night easier and make me smile.



paul peggy zeus said...

What a wonderful woman you are to be so helpful. Hopefully that new precious little boy will be sleeping for longer than a two hour period at a time soon, VERY SOON.

lilmansworld said...

oh babies :)

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