Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hallmark Has Left a Gap

Ms. Ivey bought a new house, so in celebration Mrs. Dancer and I went to go pick out a housewarming card. Sadly Hallmark seems to have sadly neglected that salutation because out of the three cards we found they were all totally lame.

Not being one to be discouraged we started trying to find something that WOULD work in different categories. After giggling about very many cards we finally found one. A simple card with a cute yellow lab and a cat staring up at you... Open the card and it simply says “We have to pee.” Since we are all pet owners and with a little bit of doctoring we thought the card would work.

I found photos of her three cats and a photo of her dog and printed them out; with a little glue and a pair of scissors.


Happy house warming Ms. Ivey!


paul peggy zeus said...

Hilarious! I thought the black floating kitty head reminded me of the Cheshire Cat. Ms. Ivey will love it!

lilmansworld said...

hahahha that's awesome!

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