Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

Today was a big day, a check up doctor appointment for Mrs. Fruit to be sure her incision from the cesarean is healing correctly. The plan was to have Mrs. Rambo come over to watch the baby for an hour while I took Mrs. Fruit to her appointment. However things went a little left when Mrs. Rambo tore something in her knee.

We managed to just move things around a little so that Mrs. Rambo and Mrs. Fruit could both leave and see their doctors while I stayed home with both the babies. HURAH!! I would also like to point out the baby shower banner still up behind me in the background... it will stay up until we have the after baby baby shower.


I was a little bit worried when the mamma’s walked out the door but both babies were angels, perfect un-crying, un-tantrumy angels and I was so happy because the potential meltdowns that were going on around in my head could have potentially resulted in a gigantic mess. Gigantic mess thankfully averted.


When I heard the latch of the door lift both Baby Blue and I ran to the door ecstatic that the mommies were home so quickly... however you should have seen my face when those two opened the door! In they walked with a DSW bag. Often I get a gut reaction and then logic takes over to reason through what I am seeing. In that split second when they walked in I thought that they had ditched me with the babies while they went shoe shopping. The ultimate sin for my shoe loving heart. Of course they didn’t go, no instead Mrs. Fruit’s doctor gave her some free formula. They know better than to shop without me.


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paul peggy zeus said...

Ha ha ha! Almost had me going as well!

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