Monday, January 16, 2012

Babysitting Lesson #246

So I am watching my niece Ms. Bambi, the Fruit’s three year old, while they recover in the hospital with the new baby. My husband came home from lunch one day and I gave him the option of watching Ms. Bambi or making lunch. He decided to watch Ms. Bambi who was in the highchair contently coloring. I literally walked down the stairs and had only time enough to take out the bread when he yells down the stairs:

Mr. Rogue: “Ummm is Ms. Bambi supposed to be using the markers on her face...”

I didn’t even bother to respond I just ran up the stairs. I left a little girl contently coloring in her book and I walk into a room with a child covered in marker. Ms. Bambi was so proud.

Ms. Bambi: “Look at my pretty makeup!”


I guess I didn’t give Mr. Rogue specific enough instructions of how to WATCH a three year old. They only need a moment to get into trouble.

I tried super hard to be stern but I ended up laughing so hard when I saw her little face but she had done such a great job of putting on her makeup! I was happy to at least have the erasable markers. Thank goodness for Crayola. I was worried I would have to really scrub, even though it said washable, but with a little soap and water it came off without a problem.



lilmansworld said...

They've thought of everything and then some by now :)

paul peggy zeus said...

She did do a good job, I especially love the lightening mark on her cheek. Too funny, Mr Rogue!!

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