Saturday, January 14, 2012

Baby Fruit's Shower: The Baby Crasher

So much went down today so allow me a moment to untangle the past 12 hours of emotional ups and downs. I went to bed last night with a heavy heart. It is all so hard for me, these wonderful women all around me getting pregnant, and with Mrs. Fruit it’s even harder because this pregnancy happened the same time mine did. I went to bed last night with mixed emotions. I was excited for the shower, happy for the baby to get here, but also a part of me was very very sad.

All I can say is that the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

I woke up this morning to a bright and sunny day, a day full of light and love, a perfect day for a baby shower. Mr. Rogue and I were still curled up in bed when I got the phone call. The baby, who was NOT invited to the party decided that he was just going show up anyways; as in Mrs. Fruit’s water broke a moment ago and they were on the way to the emergency room.

I will let that sink in for a moment. The shower, which was supposed to be today at 1, can’t exactly go on without the mother-to-be. I briefly thought about shoving a pillow up someone else’s dress as a stand in, but that would never work right?

Mrs. Fruit and I spent the next twenty minutes calling everyone invited, calling the caters, calling the balloon company; of course it was too late to stop the orders, it was only a few hours to the party. The guests were all understanding but I would need to figure out what to do with the food.

As I made my phone calls I rushed into comfy clothes, ignoring the new dress and heels hung up by the door. Hair in a ponytail, not a drop of makeup on my face I ran out the front door and rushed to the hospital. By the time I got there an hour later the doctors had checked out both momma and baby and both were doing great. However with the water broken and the contractions coming every eight minutes they had made a decision, an emergency caesarean was scheduled for 1:00PM; the exact start time of the baby shower... the humor was not lost on me.

I swooped up their three year old, Ms. Bambi, wished them luck and shot out the door. I picked up the catered food and decided just to bag it all up in zip locks and chuck it into the freezer. Food for 25 people takes up a ton of bags and space in the freezer but at least now, when the Fruits come home from the hospital, they will have precooked dinners for a month.

At 1:45PM I got the call; the newest addition to the Fruit family was born. Both Mrs. Fruit and Baby Fruit were healthy and happy.


A new little one in the family, a new child to cherish.



paul peggy zeus said...

How ironic that this little boy was born right at the moment the shower should have been. Guess he's going to be a big party animal and didn't want to miss the first one in his honor. Cheryl, you have no right looking that amazing right after birth. lol.

lilmansworld said...

I can't say I can relate to your heavy heart, but I do understand its definitely a tough time. Incredibly bittersweet :)( I think that's the bittersweet face in smilogram....What a great sister-in-law to have on hand for swooping! Love you lots!

Cheryl said...

hi auntie pgeey! hahaha i tried so hard to smile here but i never wanted any pics of me taken during pregnancy and after ! as to the baby shower i surely miss it:(

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