Thursday, December 22, 2011

We are Family


With a few crazy little flight delays we finally managed to get all the family in from out of town last night. The last person arrived at 1:30 pm and despite the three hour time difference we all stayed up late and chatted. So today, not so bright and early we all rolled out of bed, had breakfast and headed over to the Fruits house; finally the whole family, from all over, under the same roof.


I just wish that everyone I loved could all live in lala land. Growing up in Michigan, college in Pittsburgh and with the transient lifestyle we all lead everyone I love is scattered across the USA. But enough of the glass half full... I am grateful to have family around for the holidays and am super excited about a full house for the holidays; especially the kids.


We all sat around the table getting caught up, cooking, cleaning, laughing, joking, drinking and just plain goofing around. Love that the family is all together again and maybe if I wish enough one day everyone I love will live right down the street.



paul peggy zeus said...

Looks like everyone had a marvelous time together. Happy Holidays!

lilmansworld said...

What a beautiful group of people!

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