Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Struggle of the Inner Cavewoman

Do you ever struggle with your Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde, you know the struggle between your inner cavewoman and your more logical evolved being. Yea well Jeckle and Hyde are having a field day in my head.... and I have a three week break from my therapist... sigh.

It all started with me needing to get a real estate licence. You see we are investing in some real estate and since we are not the type of people to just go into something blindly we thought it would be a good idea for one of us to become a little more knowledgeable. Which lead to one of us reading up more about real estate and eventually getting a real estate licence? Since one of us does not work, aka ME, I was the one who had to do the legwork to get the licence. Basically it is three college classes and a state exam. Oh and don’t forget the timeline, preferably it would be better for tax reasons if I get this stupid licence before the end of the year, so I am in a bit of a time crunch here. I did manage to finish the three classes but now I am working toward studying for the exam, and well the studying isn’t going so well.

You see when I decided to get my licence it was the end of July and there really wasn’t too much on my plate at the time. Add in some real estate investments, the fact that we decided to move, looking for a house, buying a house, packing, managing workers and movers and all the fun stuff in between not to mention my stress levels (because we are still trying to get pregnant) and my depression you can begin to see why the studying isn’t going so well. I did manage to get my test date, December 15th which is great except that the practice test I took today I got a 63% which is SO not going to cut it.


I know I still have six more days to study, but what I haven’t mentioned is that I am on my way to Pittsburgh tomorrow. I will be there visiting my girl Ms. Pool Shark and finally meeting her one year old Baby Pool Shark. I of course could cancel the trip, it would be the smartest thing to do, however I have not gotten to met Baby Pool Shark yet and she is going to be ONE!!

So I am going to Pittsburgh, I am going to study on the eight hour trip there, and the eight hour trip back and I am going to do a ton of praying. Please pray for me. I am a mess!

Of course I am a mess going to see one of my best girlfriends tomorrow. So I am excited at going to play in Pittsburgh and crazy worried about this exam. I just wish Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde would stop fighting and get along already!

P.S. how is it that I can pack one little tiny carry on bag for almost a month in Europe yet I am going to have to take a carryon plus the big suitcase for five days in Pittsburgh?



myLA said...

DO NOT take ALL THAT SHIT. Are you fucking kidding me? You need less stress not more stress lugging around all that crap for 5 days. Step away from the suitcase and get a grip. Less IS MORE. Repeat after me... Dear god I thought you were leaving your husband from the look of your entire closet on that bed... Correct it girl xoxo

Jess said...

Well, winter clothes do take up alot more space, but I have to agree with Myla that it looks like we should have had a packing intervention!

lilmansworld said...

you have macy's as your closet don't you?

paul peggy zeus said...

Have a great time with Ms and Baby Pool Shark. I know you will have a great time and don't sweat the exam, you WILL PASS!!

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