Monday, December 26, 2011


One of my favorite gifts from my husband was a new flash for my camera. I have been putting off getting a flash for a long time, mostly because working with a flash is a whole new level of photography, a level I have been ignoring. The flash on the camera gives a direct flash burst which leaves harsh shadows and in my opinion a terrible look. A custom flash has the ability to bounce the light which makes you lose the reflections and shadows giving a much better photo. Right now I really don’t know what I am doing... with tons of new buttons, new controls and new theories it is going to take me time before I can master the flash. So today in order to play with my new toy we decided to do makeovers and then shoot some fun portraits.


If I am the photographer than Mrs. Berry is the make-up artist. She is the queen of make-up and had a spread of fun for the girls.


However before we can get to the makeup Mrs. Berry started with the nails.


Once the nails were done then came the real fun. Layer upon layer of cosmetics went on. Ms. Fairy was transformed. I always fantasized about having my hair and makeup done every morning. You wonder why stars looks so fabulous all the time. They are the top 1% of the world, full time chef, trainers, wardrobe, makeup and hair. Ahhh to be a star, if only for the day.



The transformations were so fun to see. And I got to learn a few tricks along the way. I just wished that we could do this every day.




paul peggy zeus said...

Perfect models make the makeup so much more attractive. Nice Job, Ms. Fruit.

lilmansworld said...

what a day of pampering :)

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