Saturday, December 3, 2011

Just like the Land of Oz

LALA land usually devoid of most weather has had a sudden hit of winds the past two days that are on par with tornado tryouts. Generally in late fall or early winter we see a hit of the Santa Ana winds. Depending on which direction the wind decides to whip in usually gives us warm or cool weather for a time, but never in the seven years I have lived here has there been Santa Ana winds like this. It’s like good little catholic Ana snuck out of the house, did some strong drugs, dreamt about skipping down a yellow brick road with some rather odd friends and then clicked her heels back home.

We are not talking a light wind or even a gusty one we are talking winds that reached a peak of 97 MPH. A wind that left rooftops shredded, yards littered with downed trees and even cars pushed over like toys strewn about the highway. 370,000 people in the city went without electricity and many areas were heavily watched in fear of fire.

The winds started in late evening and were gone by the morning. Although friends and family were kept awake wondering if they were going to sustain massive amounts of damage to their homes and apartments Mr. Rogue and I slept oblivious to Ana’s anger outside. Seems the new house has titanium for walls, either that or it is so well insulated we can literally hear nothing. Not a creak or a gust. We managed to escape without a power outage or water break. Thank goodness for small miracles... now it is time to pray for those less fortunate.



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Jess said...

So glad this wasn't one of yours!!

paul peggy zeus said...

I've been hearing what a windy, wet winter LA has had this year. Glad we missed this year there.

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