Sunday, December 18, 2011

BBBS 50: Christmas Suprises

I want to just take a moment and say WOW. Becoming a Big Brother Big Sister was something that I have had on my list FOREVER. Mostly because my mom grew up without much and entered the program but also because I believe in what they do, oh and I love kids. Today was my little and my 50th outing. From that first meeting and after a little bit of a rocky start in October of 2007 we have come a long way in our friendship. Although it is not always easy, and there are days when I would sometimes rather be doing something else, this little girl has added so much to my life as I hope I am adding to hers. So cheers Ms. Little 50 outings down, and hundreds more to go.

Your Big, The Rogue Woman

Since Ms. Little is getting so big, she is 13 now, I am going with her shopping for the things she wants for the holidays, just like my mom did with me. Since Ms. Little won an Xbox at her school Christmas raffle she wanted Xbox stuff. I picked her up today in order to get her shopping out of the way before the family starts arriving from out of town tomorrow.


But before we could play I needed to get a few things done first and so Ms. Little came with me to run my errands. First thing on the list was to clean the dirty car. We found a really cool old school car wash where you sit in the car while it runs through the machine. It was jungle themed and there were large plastic animals throughout and a lovely greenish light. Every kid, and even this adult, loves the old school carwashes!


After the car got taken care of we high tailed it off to the Mac store. While in Pittsburgh my laptop started freaking out; which was probably a good thing because no laptop meant that I had less time to play and more time to study. Since it would take them a half hour to doctor it up we swung by Pottery Barn, oh the loveliness engulfed me. Why oh why did the Mac store need a full half hour because that time was directionally proportional to looking through the whole store... and then leaving with several things that I had not originally planned to get.

At least I am stimulating the economy.

Mr. Rogue isn’t going to be too happy with the extra three pillows that are now joining the other pillows on the bed, he already thought there were too many. Bigger house, bigger bed, more pillows is how I am going to roll with this one! My logic cannot be argued for sure.

And then I couldn’t help but fall in love with the most adorable little bench. It will fit perfectly in the closet and the best part is that Mr. Rogue specifically asked to have some sort of seat in the closets so I won’t have to try and reason that one into staying.

After the last errand was run we picked up the Kinect console and then swung by Gamestop. Ms. Little spent quite some time going through the various games they had and finally ended up with Sports Island Freedom a sports game that had many games in one. A perfect choice. I paid for the game and then we went to the gas station. One amazing bonus about kids is that they love to do all the tedious grown up stuff that us adults hate. For instance Ms. Little loves to pump my gas and since I hate pumping my own gas it is no wonder that every time we go out we make sure to fill up the tank. I cannot believe how big she is getting!


Before we headed home to drop her off we stopped at Taco Bell. Yes I am doing well at completely ignoring counting calories as the supreme taco in my hand attests too. We were laughing about our taco neck, it’s the only right way to eat a taco after all!



paul peggy zeus said...

Ms. Little you are turning into an adorable young woman. Love all the pictures of her and her skin is so flawless! Any teenager would be jealous.

lilmansworld said...

Such a great big sister!

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