Wednesday, December 21, 2011

43rd Anniversary

Today the Faith’s celebrate their 43rd wedding anniversary. Get that fourty three years, the amount of time that is, of being with the same person through thick and thin. It is incredible. I know that but I take that love for granted. My own parents are also still together after 33 years, I have been surrounded all my life by that love. I have had that unity in my home since I was a little child.

I recently had a conversation with a friend about how special that anniversary is, how it is a milestone of commitment, how it is aweinspiring that they have made it so long without walking away. And hearing it from her perspective, through her experiences of her divorced family, I saw it in special in a whole new light. Because she is right, and I love when someone can show me something like that. It is not as something to simply congradulate when I remember but more as something to cheer as a mark of the most amazing accomplishment of their lives.

With the divorce rate at approximately 50% it is no wonder that I personally know so many people, young and old that are now divorced. Yet even with that staggering number I still take for granted the thing that I have always had. A mother and father that are still blissfully and happily married.

So I want to take a moment and congradulate Mr. & Mrs. Faith for their dedication and commitment to each other and I want to make an effort to make sure that I appreciate the things I take for granted.



paul peggy zeus said...

Happy Anniversary to a wonderful, loving, and giving couple. May you experience that joy and happiness for another 40 years!!

lilmansworld said...

Congratulations! The way God intended a marriage :) Much like Star Trek "Live long and Prosper"

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