Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Skinny: Week 27

I still cannot find the scale. Not that I have been looking all that hard for it, although I can say this morning I did try to find it. Its just that as I was looking for the scale I got distracted by organizing our vitamins and then before you knew it I was sewing curtains. I am sure I have a little ADD right now.

With the scale temporarily missing I of course cannot see if I gained or lost weight this week. I am just gonna go out on a limb and say that I probably gained a pound or two. Without an stove for the first few days in the house and with all the stress I haven’t exactly been eating well. On the flip side I have been doing a ton of exercise lifting boxes, bending, walking, carrying and hiking up the mountain of stairs five kabillion times a day. Seriously living in this house is like working out on the stair master two hours a day. My butt and thighs are KILLING me.

For now I am going to try and get back to eating better and the next room to organize will be the exercise room. Time to get back in the saddle!

Weight Gain Round 5: 210 pounds. 20 pounds gained when I lost the baby.

Weight Gain Round 4: 190 pounds. I lost weight for the wedding and then I gained it all back plus an additional 10 pounds. The wedding gave me a date to reach for but once that day passed all my plans fell apart and the bingeing started again. BLAST IT!!!

Weight Gain Round 3: 180 pounds. When my brother passed away I started bingeing regularly to cover my emotions and gained another 30 pounds.

Weight Gain Round 2: 150 pounds. I gained 15 pounds when I tackled that large project at work and worked all those long hours for a year.

Weight Gain Round 1: 135 pounds. I gained the inevitable ‘I’m in a comfy relationship’ 10 pounds after I started dating my husband.

Start weight when I moved to California 125.

GOAL WEIGHT = 135-150 pounds

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paul peggy zeus said...

Just do what we do, visit Bed Bath and Beyond and step on it. lol. I just don't have the room in my RV to house a scale.

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