Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Someone Else's Place

I cannot express enough how surreal today was. There was of course a kabillion things to do, to unpack, to find, to wipe down and to line with perfectly cut little plastic liners. Friends popped in all day long to say hi, to take a peek at the new house, to lend a helping hand. For me I am trying to get accustomed to the fact that this is home because it feels like I am at someone elses place, helping them unpack, and oh wait I have these same exact plates at my house!

Aside from the unpacking there of course are the inevitable things that you find once you start using a home. The things an inspection never catches. As of right now we are having issues with the dish washer (there is no water), the hot water heater seems to work whenever it feels like it and not exactly when you want to take a shower, and little niggly things are popping out all over; a door that shuts but does not latch shut, motion lights that never shut off, a cabinet door that rubs against the refrigerator, and the fact that there isn’t a mailbox. Ummmm hello? These are all things that will get fixed with time, top priority of course is to end the temperamental water heater strike having the water go from cozy hot to freezing cold with shampoo in your hair is never good.

We also still don’t have the washer, dryer or a stove which makes cooking or cleaning the mountain of laundry rather difficult. But I am a master of diverting my attention and well I have over a hundred brown little boxes that need to be unpacked and put away, who has time to do laundry and cook with all these boxes!

I am happy to say that so far the only moving casualty is one broken bowl, one of my favorite most used bowls for sure but I am thankful it is only a bowl.



paul peggy zeus said...

One broken bowl is pretty good for moving an entire home. But NO hot water, hello! That must be fixed immediately if not sooner.

lilmansworld said...

that stinks about the temperamental water temp! happy the bowl is the only sacrifice, that's just an excuse for more shopping! You DO like to shop, right?

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