Friday, November 11, 2011

Sleepless in Los Angeles

It is now day 13 of waking up early against my will. And by early I mean before 6am early as in as the sun rises, as in I think I lost my mind. Before all of you crazy early risers give me a gigantic eyeroll I want to say that it takes a certain person to be a morning person, and I am just not that person. Never have been and I don’t think I ever will be. For now I just I don’t know how much more of this non-sleeping torture I can take. I know it has only been 13 days, I know once I have a child I will probably never sleep again (waaaaaaaa) but I cannot help but MOURN. And yes I really mean mourn because I am literally crying I am so tired.

On the flip side I am getting more done in a day than four of me did in a week. This is what happens when you never sleep and have an OCD tick whipping you to move faster, you get things done in the hyper drive world of crazy.

Boxes are slowly becoming less of a staple in the house but there are still a ton more things that are missing. I go to reach for something and then end up down a rabbit hole of scrambling digging through box after box of stuff to find that ONE THING I simply need right this second. It’s like a gigantic game of memory but the stakes are higher.

For now my mornings start early, my days are an insane amount of physical labour and managing life in crazy land, and my nights end in my second favorite place in the new house. Welcome my gigantic oversized spa jet bathtub. I have ended every single evening in this heaven. Just me, a tub, Jasmine candles, some bubbles and a big glass of wine and my new favorite body scrub; Burke Williams Sugar Scrub. Life in those few moments is pure bliss.



paul peggy zeus said...

Once you get everything away, I'm sure you'll be back to blissfully sleeping in and taking your naps too. :)

lilmansworld said...

I HEART baths now with jets. A biatch to clean but so worth it! I'll have to find some of that scrub. Sounds good :)

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