Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nature’s Paint

I want to thank you all for being patient. I really cannot wait to show you more photos of the house but wait we must. There of course will be tons of photos of the house as soon as I get the rooms the way I want them – sorry for the wait. I do however want to give you a few tidbits. Note to everyone I am a sucker for a good view. Plant me in front of something pretty and I can sit for hours.

Being in LALA land I miss the seasons. Los Angeles is just so temperate and the same. When I first moved here I loved it. There was no snow to shovel, no leaves to rake I didnt have to dress in a million layers because the temperature was always fluctuating. Moving to Los Angeles was like winning the weather lottery. However over the years perfect almost all the time got a little boring.

I often travel during the fall and winter so I can at least get my weather fix a few times of year however I have found a tiny space of fall in the new house. You see there are two sets of French doors in my office that cover one entire wall. These French doors exit exit onto a balcony and off that balcony sits the most beautiful tree. Sitting at my desk I have the most fantastic view out those windows to the tree in the front yard, a tree that FALLS!!!! It is the only tree on the block that is blazing with color and that tree it is mine and it makes me SO HAPPY.


Between seeing the tree every single day and ths crunch and swish of all those gorgeous leaves on the ground I feel full of joy. I know it is a silly little thing but I ADORE IT; thank you universe for my little bit of natures paint.



paul peggy zeus said...

It is a beautiful view, but I still want to see the house. lol.

lilmansworld said...

not silly at all! It puts you in your place of the year!

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