Friday, November 4, 2011

My Errands are on Steroids

Today is the second day in the new house, the second day that I am up before 5:30AM (I know I am shocking the world here) and you know what, I am getting so much DONE. Who would have known waking up early combined with my crazy OCDness would result in new house domination. I know I cannot sustain this pace but I know I can for a few days at least. With my newfound time and spactic energy I mapped out a whole day of crazy business that would normally have taken me three days to do.

First stop was with Ms. Firecracker. We decided to stop and check out the Nordstrom super sale, she had to return a pair of shoes and I was looking for a new black go to bag idea for Christmas. Sadly I didn’t find a bag that stole my heart, but Ms. Firecracker did leave with a bunch of stuff she was not looking for and it was totally my fault. You see I love shopping for other people and I do it often. Shopping with my guy friends, with my girl friends, I think I almost like shopping for someone else (and spending their money) as I do shopping for myself. I just have a good eye, a good idea of space and color. I blame my artist background for sure. So Ms. Firecracker left with a new yellow purse, a great Christmas party dress and a gorgeous pair of little black flats. Things that she would have normally never picked up, her words, but things she ended up adoring once I talked her into it.

Word to the wise, I am a shopping pusher, don’t shop with me unless you plan on spending some money!

After the mall I dropped off Ms. Firecracker at the airport and rocketed to therapy. Therapy is generally hard for me, each visit with her pulling and me resisting. Today however I had such a mountain of drama to un-pour that, for the first time, therapy felt actually good. I was like ‘OH I pay you to hear me whine and complain... boy do I have a truckload of crap to shovel your way today!’ It was great and I felt much lighter afterwards.

So then it was furniture stores, fabric selections, designing to my little heart’s content. After stopping at seven stores where I just walked around picking pieces I liked and that were comfortable (a lesson I learned with my first mood board fiasco) I took photos of them, marked the price and took my montage home. I wasn’t too worried about color, or style, I was basically focused on size. Once I get home I will have a mountain of weeding to do, trying to make a rhyme or reason to the things I liked, trying to find things that will go well together. Hopefully within the next few days I will have most of the large pieces decided on so we can get furniture in the big empty house.

After all my errands I picked up Rogue from the Rambo’s house. With the move, trying to focus on getting the cat situated and since Mrs. Rambo offered they have been keeping Rogue happy and entertained. Now it is time for him to come home, so our little family can be complete.

I left the house at 9am and didn’t return until after 8pm. I was exhausted but happy with the productiveness of my day.


lilmansworld said...

I would qualify this day as awesome, minus the 5 am wake-up call! Maybe the reason I haven't flown out to see you is because the $ I will WANT to spend on myself........oh would love to missy!

paul peggy zeus said...

That's called Shop Til You Drop Mode.

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