Friday, November 18, 2011

Mommy for Three Days

I often take my little three year old neice Baby Bambi out to give her mommy a break and because I just adore this little girl. It was a little scary when I offered to take her for three full days so her parents could get away for the weekend. Because having a little girl for a few hours is one thing, feeding her, putting her to bed, coordinating nap times and pottie breaks, snack time and you know keeping the kid alive for three days was a tiny bit daunting. However I was up for the challenge and I really wanted to give Mr. & Mrs. Fruit this gift away. You see Mrs. Fruit is seven months pregnant and with a new baby coming she isn’t going to be going anywhere anytime soon.

They dropped her off this morning at 7AM, thank goodness for my new wake up early sleeping problem, bonus was that I was up two hours before they got to the house. Watching Baby Bambi as a three year old is so much easier than trying to watch her when she was one. At least at three she is pottie trained and she can ask for what she wants, aka no more guessing games.


With three days to keep a child entertained I filled our days with fun activities, so I wouldn’t go crazy and so we would have something to do other than stare at each other all day. Today Mrs. Dancer joined us and we visited Mrs. Rambo and her adorable Baby Blue. What started out as a simple lunch turned into a whole afternoon delight with us gabbing away and the kids playing mostly well, sometimes not so well; that sharing thing is a really hard manner to teach. As the day wore on Mrs. Rambo cracked open a bottle of wine, don’t worry I only had one glass.



On the way home Baby Bambi passed out. I was really hoping that she would stay awake long enough for us to get home so she could take her nap in the bed. Adorable sleeping child in my backseat equals supreame joy for me.


Back at home I started to flag a little. Mrs. Dancer had left and Baby Bambi was getting bored of her toys. I had a few suprise things that I had gotten for such desperate times, voula play doh! Kept her busy for almost a straight hour... playdoh is MAGIC!


My favorite time of today however was bathtime. I had gotten these adorable little bath buddies that she just LOVED. I let her play first, her favorite was the purple squirrel!


After she was done playing we washed her hair and I just couldn’t help myself, I gave her a Mohawk and then I took her picture! Bathtime was so much fun. Reading books after and snuggleing down to bed was even better. She wrapped her arms around my neck and snuggled close. As I read the second book her breathing started to slow and her eyelashed fluttered down.



Even though I was exhausted by the end of the day I was happy that I managed my first day so well. A little angel happy and clean was sleeping.


Anonymous said...

One word for you on this: BRAVE! So glad you had fun with her and that things turned out so wonderfully :D

paul peggy zeus said...

She is looking so much like her mother as she grows. What a cutie patutie!

lilmansworld said...

it IS so much easier to have a 3 year old rather than a 1 year old. Once they start crawling/walking, they are literally little people who are trying to look for ways to kill themselves! Ooh, a socket? lets lick it! NOOOO! You're a great tita :)

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