Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I am in Pure Bliss

Mr. Rogue has completed his milestone at work and then took the week off. He has been home with me the past few days and has been such a big help. There are things that are just easier, more fun and more efficient to do with two people than just me alone. So far we have gotten most of the boxes unpacked and things are starting to find their permanent homes. I say they are starting to find because items are still being arranged and rearranged. The room taking the bulk of the rearrangement time is the kitchen, function, flow and space all fight each other until it just works.

Every night since Monday we have been able to indulge in cooking together, something we really enjoy doing. Uninterruped dinners, long unrushed conversations, it is just the time we need to reconnect after he has been busy for so long. I am just happier when he is home!


P.S. Rogue is also super happy, he got a new owl stuffed animal today and has been carrying it around all day. Currently he is sleeping with it. Rogue will either love a toy or he will hate it, there is never much in between. I get nervous when I spend money on a toy that he might not like, is it too small, to squishy, not squishy enough and it must ALWAYS have a squeaky. Today I had complete success, he loved the new toy!


paul peggy zeus said...

I love how Rogue is all cuddled up around his new toy. Great shot of a most lovable big dog.

lilmansworld said...

This post reminds me of Ina Garten preparing Jeffrey's supper and the pure thrill each day she has with her man :)

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