Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Holiday Organization

A friend of mine asked yesterday the question ‘What is your favorite organizational idea to get you through the holiday season’.

And OH do I have a doosy, one that gets me evil glares from others but HEY it works for me. In order to avoid the crazy mind screw that happens to me, and the me that trys to be perfect, I started a November 15th rule. The rule is that ALL of my Christmas cards are filled out, signed and sealed ready to just drop into the mailbox, and all of my Christmas shopping is completed by November 15th.


It sounds crazy I know however I love the Christmas holiday, I love the family, and the warmth and the season as a whole. HOWEVER what I hate is the crowds, and the picking through the leftovers for my gift, and the drama that getting all the things you have to get done complete. SO by getting the cards and the shopping out of the way I relieve a huge burden before Thanksgiving even hits. Then I can sit back, relax and let the holidays unfold without all the crazy stress I cannot seem to keep at bay.

So what is your favorite organizational idea to get you through the holiday season?


paul peggy zeus said...

It's sad, I used to get a ton of Christmas Cards,I used to get them from friends and family, but for some reason I don't even get one from my kids. Now that we are traveling, it's like I've fallen off the face of the Earth and ALL cards have pretty much come to a halt.

lilmansworld said...

I send you notes rogue mom :) I keep trying to figure out what traditions I would like to instill for Christmas and I feel everyone knows whats going on in the family through this blog. A picture of lilman would work. Even my own mom tells me that. oops. November 15 is a genius idea but I'm totally not in the holiday spirit until Decemeber! We are last minute people, always have been:) Works for us!

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