Thursday, November 17, 2011

Glitter Overload

So going with the whole ‘get ready for Christmas before the Christams chaos comes and bites my little behind so I run around on a hill singing at the top of my lungs like a mental patient’.... Mrs. Dancer and I went to Stats to buy some decorations.

But first a little back story. I grew up in Michigan where the winters are cold and the Christmases were fantastic; but more importantly where Frakenmuth is. Frankenmuth is a small town that has the largest Christmas store in the world... it is on Christmas Lane and is nothing but Christmas all year long. They are serious about this holiday in a way that no other store is. And yes not only is it the biggest it is also the best Christmas store in the world. To say I have been spoiled would be a vast understatement.

So I have the new house, we are having Christmas at our house this year for the family and since the house is so much bigger I had to double my Christmas decorations, aka go buy a bunch of Christmas stuff. Mr. Rogue tried to put up some resistance, he thinks that the 10 bins of decorations I have is enough, however I think his theory is flawed. Double the space means double the decorations right! Plus without snow in LALA land you have to really CHRISTMAS up the Christmas. So I did have a list of things I wanted including garland for the banister, because I always wanted a banister to put garland on and this house has the gorgeous super-model of all banisters! Like the Hedi Klum of banisters. That garland is gonna look GORGEOUS I tell you!

So while I was lamenting to Ms. Firecracker about my lack of Christmas shopping options in LALA land she gushed over Stats. As in a store that was only a few miles from my old house, as in a store I had passed a million times, as in a store that I didnt even know was a holiday store. HELLO LALA land Stats needs to work on their advertising because boy oh boy what a holiday store. Of course it wasn’t as good as Frakenmuth is but it was a much better alternative to the stores I was finding. My girl, she would never stear me wrong!


Ms. Dancer joined me and we had SUCH a blast there. There were a kabillion ordaments, kajillions of lights, santas, reindeer, angeles galore and even my personal favorite... the bright pink tree. If I thought for a MOMENT I could convince my husband that this tree would work in our home I would have snatched it up in a heartbeat however part of being married is to know when to pick your battles.


I may have gone a tiny bit overboard shopping at the store but well Christmas music was playing and I swear they pumped happy juice into the air. Who could resist all the beautiful decorations, the glitter and if Mr. Rogue gets mad I will just blame the happy juice. Of course any shopping trip is an adventure and it is all fun and games until someone loses an eye. NO of course not NO ONE lost an eye. But well there may have been an incident with some garland whipping that may or may not have caused a gash on Mrs. Dancers hand which possibly could have caused a bleeding incident in the middle of the Christmas store. Yes we sure know how to play hard.


Now I am just eagerly awaiting Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, which is our official don’t leave the house lets decorate for Christmas day. Because I believe in celebrating one holiday at a time. Dont skip Halloween or Thanksgiving just because Christmas wants to start that much sooner. Nothing drives me crazier than when I walk into a store... Macy’s... and it is October 20th and they decorated for Christmas already. ARRRRGGGGGG. Nordstroms has it right.



Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to see (hopefully) some pics of the decorations when the house is all set up! We have only two bins full of stuff, but our apt is already all decorated. I just couldn't wait! LOL.

paul peggy zeus said...

BTW where ARE the pictures of the house? Can't wait to see it from YOUR perspective. Guess You'll have 10 more bins for Christmas. :)

Kim & Chris said...

Shoot, I wished I read this post this AM. I drove all the way to the valley to find a store similar to the Christmas tree shops from back East. I needed three Christmas tree toppers for my three trees!

lilmansworld said...

I remember seeing that sign on FB. Priceless. It sure is fun to decorate! I'm starting one room at a time for the future!

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