Saturday, November 19, 2011

BBBS 49: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I had promised my little over the summer when Mr. Rogue next went out of town I would have her over for a sleepover. Since this weekend Mr. Rogue was going to Las Vegas with work I had Ms. Little over. It was a bit tricky because I also had Baby Bambi – there are not very many things you can do with a 13 year old and a 3 year old. Since Baby Bambi goes to bed so early I was optimistic.

We started with making personal pizza’s from scratch for dinner, just the four of us. Originonally we were supposed to have more girls over. Ms. Little’s twin was going to come but BBBS wouldn’t let both girls spend the night, something stupid about insurance resons or something. Ms. Firecracker was supposed to come but her pooch is super sick, she opted to stay home and take care of her four legged friend. Mrs. Dancer was supposed to come but she ended up going to a birthday party for a friend. So that left us with Ms. Little, Baby Bambi, myself and my cousin Ms. Sweetie! And let me tell you Ms. Sweetie can sure toss a pizza crust like a pro, and I know pro I worked at a pizza place for a year!


I always have so much fun with Ms. Little in the kitchen, every single time we make something she learns something new. She is getting so big and I am glad she loves to be in the kitchen, unlike me when I was little, because of everything she is learning now maybe she will know more about cooking than I did when I went away to college.


While the pizza was baking my little curled up on the floor with Baby Bambi and played with the My Little Pony’s. And I have to tell you the heart did a little flip flop to see my two girls, with ten year between their ages, having so much fun together. Thats because MY LITTLE PONY’S ROCK!!!!!


After dinner us three older girls were trying to decide what to do. I listed off a ton of options and we settled on playing with face paint. I had origionally considered a makeover and playing with my regular makeup, but 13 is such a tender age for a young girl and I didnt want to screw with the fuzzy line between child and young woman by introducing real makeup into the picture. Plus I wasn’t 100% positive her mother would have been ok with it. My Halloween makeup was a completely different story. We originoally wanted to make Ms. Little up as an Avatar carector alas I was out of blue face paint. After looking at our options we settled on a Native American. As I put Baby Bambi to bed Ms. Sweetie started brading Ms. Littles hair in tight tiny braids.


Once Baby Bambi was sleeping I jumped in to start the makeup. We sketched a photo, talked about color and design, picked out props and settled on a plan.


Since Ms. Little was so fascinated with my Halloween costume fake eyelashes, long lashes with dancing little balls at the end, and since I had some crazy long dramatic lashes I offered to put on her first pair of fake eyelashes. Of course I didnt have any of the brown eyelash glue, that makes this brunette super happy, I only had the regular kind. AHHH well. And you know what else I learned... it is SO MUCH EASIER to put fake eyelashes on someone else.


After hours in the chair, tons of Ms. Sweeties magic to get ALL that hair in little braids and after playing with the makeup for a while we finally finshed. This little girl made the most adorable Native American ever. With the lashes, the dramatic colors of makeup and my favorite lip gloss the effect was awesome! She was so thrilled!


Ms. Little, she is gorgeous, she is growing up so fast right before my eyes. And I am so blessed to be part of her journey!



paul peggy zeus said...

What a fun filled night with your little. Great job on the Indian Ink.

lilmansworld said...

she has GORGEOUS eye color! I ever wonder if you are going to tire of going going going? I seem to be in a slump. Oh well, you're entertaining!

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