Thursday, October 20, 2011

What Felt Like A Hundred Little Tragedies

It has been one of those weeks where everything that is anything seems to be going wrong. I have so much to do that I hardly need the things I am doing to be complicated. But life... it does not like to cooperate sometimes.

First there was the BBBS debacle. My little has a twin sister and throughout the three years I have been with my little and the program her sister has gotten the shaft end of the stick. Her first big, that she was matched with, got cancer and had to drop out of the program. The program tried to find her a new big but it took over a year. In that time I ended up taking BOTH girls out most of the time. It only seemed fair, and I always left the decision to invite her sister to my little. I would say half the time she came with us and we all had a blast. Then she got her own big, except by then her sister and I had developed a bond. All of us loved hanging out together so we just continued as we were, sometimes all going out, sometimes just my little and I seeking adventure alone. Fast forward a year later and now there are problems. Seems the other big, my littles sisters big, is getting jealous. To make a long story short I was told not to take out my littles sister. That I can only on very special occasions and that I am infringing on her relationship with her big.

I just want to point out that this plain SUCKS. It isn’t fair. I have grown to love both of these little girls. The girls are happy and in the end isn’t that what matters most. I could write a NOVEL about how pissed off I am, in fact I even thought about dropping out of the program and just hanging out with both girl anyways. But breaking the rules isn’t the kind of behaviour these little girls need to witness, instead I am FORCED to comply weather I like it or not.

Next there was the Joanne Fabric aggravation. Seems like some of the fabric I special ordered for the curtains for the new house came in. I went to go pick it up only to realize that there was an entire 10 yard bolt missing... and what was that the fabric amounts I needed were switched. Meaning I got 20 yards of one and 12 yards of the other and I ordered it the other way around. OF COURSE I couldn’t talk to the special orders manager, she had already left for the day. Annoyed I left, called her the next day, only to realize that the girl only brought out three bolts and that there was a whole other bolt in the back. AKA there was plenty of fabric and they had NOT screwed up more order. Nope instead the woman just missed a WHOLE BOLT OF FABRIC with my name on it in the storage room. Which resulted in me having to go back, stand in the ridiculously long ‘Yea its Halloween and we all need material for costumes’ line. I was there for three hours. Dislike!

Next there was the bank incident. We transferred money last week from our investment account at another institution to our checking account in preparation for having to pay the down payment on the new house. When I looked online I saw that the funds had successfully transferred out of my investment account but that it had failed to show up in our checking account. A panic attack ensued and then resulted in numerous frantic phone calls to the investment company and the managers at the bank; seems like no one could find the money, ALL OF OUR MONEY. It took over four hours to figure out where the money was and what is more frustrating is that no one could accurately explain what had happened. Simply shoulder shrugged and they moved on with their day. I am now going to switch banks. Bank of America = horrible service.

Then the cream de la crème was my new iPhone 4S tragedy. I pre-ordered my new iPhone to be delivered to the house. Both Mr. Rogue and I wanted one but for some reason they would only let us pre-order one. Since my phone was severely acting up Mr. Rogue let me upgrade first and I would just do his in a few weeks. I was like a kid in a candy shop when it arrived. I ripped open the packaging and immediately activated it. Only problem is that it activated under Mr. Rogues number. Weird... strange... so I called Apple. After an hour they told me it was an ATT problem, so I called ATT, another hour later and they could not figure out how to fix it. Meanwhile Mr. Rogues is at work, his phone does not work and I cannot contact him.

I got in the car and drove down to ATT where everyone and their mother was to get the new iPhone. Another hour later and I was finally seen by a customer service agent only for them to tell me that although I am Mr. Rogue’s wife, that I have the same last name, that I am holding both phones on the account AND that we live at the same address I am not allowed to do anything to the account. I cannot call him of course and get permission because the new phone is connected to his number, I also fail to see why ATT didnt tell me about all this when I was on the phone where I had no issues getting into the account. So mad I was seeing red I walked out.

That night Mr. Rogue came home, he added me to the account and I decided since the phone was already activated he could have my new phone. I would just get another one the next day because the ATT store had them. The next day I go to the ATT store... lovely I can now see the idea... WHAT you ran out of iPhone’s yesterday ARRRRRGGHHGHGHGHGHGHGHHGHG!!!! That is when they told me there were some at the Apple store in Manhattan beach.

I called, they did have some although they could not hold one for me, so I jumped in the car and drove the half hour to the mall. Once I get there I was told that they did not have any phones, that you had to pre-register for one, that I could do that online tonight, and that I could come and pick it up the next day. Can you sense the frustration, the vast amount of ANNOYANCE, because I called and well – there was nothing I could do.

I went online that night, successfully pre-registered a phone for that location. The next day I arrive at the store only to end up waiting in line for four and a half hours. You see it was a Friday and well there was no way the line would be shorter on the weekend. I ended up having to cancel going to see an exhibit with Ms. Firecracker because there was no way I was getting out of that line. NO WAY a million horses could have dragged me away.

So I got kicked in the face by BBBS for volunteering to make two little girls lives brighter, a Joanne fabric employee’s careless mistake caused hours of aggravation, my bank ‘lost’ a ton of money for a day AND getting a new iPhone sucked a million hours from my already busy week. I really try not to complain, life always has a way of throwing curve balls into all of our lives, but what my problem is that the amount of curve thrown into my life this past week ON TOP of all the chaos that is going on simply was too much.

Needless to say it was a total Ally McBeal week. You know the show where the main character had constant hallucinations to help her get through a bad day at work. This girl she was so me! I set about 20 people on fire in my head this week. Maybe I should start thinking about some anger management exercises. I hear yoga helps.


paul peggy zeus said...

Wow what a string of bad luck! Maybe daddy was right to wait for our visit. . . :) Keep smiling, it couldn't get any worse!

lilmansworld said...

good thing about bad weeks is they're only 7 days and have roughly 21 more days to make up for the 7 :) still pretty shitty though! We also hate BOA. We were fine with out fidelity investments bank until our account/cards were hacked. Time to search for a new one....ugh.

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