Thursday, September 29, 2011


Thanks for stopping by, why don’t you sit down, can I offer you something... how about a nice big glass of STRESS!

I woke up way to early Wednesday to my realtor calling, because everyone who knows me knows better than to call before 10:00 AM unless they are dying. I answered barely awake, blinking sleep out of my eyes and after my realtor says good morning he proceeded to tell me the bad news. Seems like our broker is having issues with the loan, that the seller is losing his mind and that the sellers realtor maybe clinically insane. Basically he took those few moments of my morning, before the universe intrudes to deliver me whatever it has in store for me that day, and flushed them down the toilet. Today was going to be a day for the trenches.

I ended up on the phone for most of the day Wednesday, and to make a long incredibly disturbing day shorter I ended up having to fire my broker. Seems he accepted our application and got us preapproved by the bank but then lost all control of the situation. Bottom line the guy was in way over his head. The bank, despite us being more than qualified, denied our loan, and my broker completely fell apart.

Of course with a week left of escrow on the HOME OF MY DREAMS it wasn’t the best time to start looking for a new broker. In the span of hours I managed to not only find a new, competent broker, I was able to submit an application and pick up the massive amounts of paperwork so Mr. Rogue and I could sign them all and get the required documentation to the new broker the next day. Doing a week’s worth of work in one day is never fun, trying to rush a bank to do anything is nearly impossible and doing a second set of paperwork when we had already done this before sucked. But we stayed up late, I dropped off the information on Thursday and by Friday the bank was moving along.

With only three days left before escrow, and with the new banks timeline of 20 days we had to go back and re-negotiate with the seller for more time. Since the seller was losing his mind, and since his real estate agent was insane, that ended up being a little more difficult than it should have. Of course we don’t want to wait another three weeks before we can live in our new home Mr. Seller... it isn’t like we did this on purpose to just screw with you! Because is it working!!!!! April Fools.

Sadly it isn’t April, and this is not funny.

All we needed was a three week extension, it would take four times that amount of time for the seller to drop contract and try and sell the house to someone else. But in the end the seller didn’t care. He instead fired his real estate agent; the seller then called my agent and proceeded to tell him the contract was off, that he was going to go find a different buyer who would pay more. This is the part where I broke down, because I LOVED that house. I had already decorated rooms and imagined rocking a new baby there. It was going to be our new home. I could just feel depressive episode number seven kick in.

So my agent, my wonder fabulous agent, made a few calls, and then he sent out the WORLDS BEST EMAIL where he basically threatened to sue everyone for everything anyone had ever made plus their firstborn AND second born children! Within a few hours, NAIL BITTING HOURS, the seller’s real estate agent was back in the picture, the seller took a truck full of Xanax and a new contract was signed for the three week extension.

Too much stress and too much drama; no wonder I am getting gray hairs!

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lilmansworld said...

You'll look back at this moment when all the boxes are unpacked and it'll be Christmas in your new house. You can do it! Stress is what makes like come full circle!

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