Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Snowball Effect

It started out with a love affair. No no silly, it is not a new man in my life, I am a happily married woman after all. No this is actually an OCD nerdy love for my labeller. But actually it didnt start with the labeller... it all began with spaghetti.

See I was making a gigantic batch of homemade spaghetti sauce. Because it takes a few hours I usually make a double batch, but with the move and how busy I am going to be I decided to make 4 batches, which creates 12 servings. So I am cooking the meat and I reach for the Fennel Seed, I ended up using it all and then I had to dig around in the extra spices basket in the back of the cupboard to see if we had more. Thankfully we had a tiny bit more... enough to finish the recipe. So while the sauce was cooking, and since the extra spice basket was out I decided to see if anything else needed filling, and if I needed to purchase any more spices other than the fennel seed. With the holidays coming on fast I do not need to be caught without something in the nth hour.

The first spice that I found that needed to be filled ended a bit dirty. So since it was so low I emptied out the spice, washed it and dried it, then refilled the spice. One dirty jar left to another smudged jar until before I knew it I was emptying all 40 something of our spices, washing out each individual glass jar, drying each jar oh so carefully and then slowly refilling them. I was pretty happy with my new clean jars but then the perfectness was marred. In the process of washing the lids the labels that were old school handwritten on stickers with pen faded, and since I have been wanting to update the labels for a while I figured to just keep going. This is the part where I excitedly got out my label maker and away I was. A match made to make me oh so happy.


FOUR HOURS later I finished my task. Yea I went to fill the fennel seed and I ended up with 40 something completely sparkling clean, perfectly labelled spices. My night was so EXCITING. Oh if only my 20 something self could see me now... the incredulity on her face would be PRICELESS!


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paul peggy zeus said...

Wow, what a job! Your new clean spices will be happy in your new clean house...seems every little thing is getting it's bath before moving. Good job!

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