Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I have a ton of pet peeves, some of them common:

- I can’t stand it when someone is driving like a tard RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME

most however are random:

- I can’t stand my food touching

- people who talk about things they know nothing about and pretend they are an authority

- My face, my ears are off limits... and if I don’t know you don’t touch me

When you become a couple the pet peeve landmines eventually all become mapped out. You learn your significant others likes and dislikes and you sidestep around any areas that are off limits. For the betterment of staying together and in love it is just best to avoid them.

Mr. Rogue however likes to screw with me sometimes. He will purposefully walk right up to pet peeve landmine, pause to look into my eyes, he will grin mischievously and then step on the mine. It drives me crazy, he knows it drives me crazy and yet he does it anyways. It is like the little boy on the playground who yanks a little girls braids because he likes her.

Case in point. I have a pet peeve about my water glass at dinner. He likes to fill a glass halfway, but I don’t like nor do I want a HALF glass of water with dinner. I want a full entire glass. He knows this and yet at times he will fill it halfway, pause, grin, look at me until he gets an evil glare and then he happily fills up the glass the rest of the way. It is part of his humor, at first it used to annoy me, now I give him the glare because it is part of the dance, part of being a couple, it is now a cute thing we do and I love it.

However, Mr. Rogue, he likes to shake things up sometimes. So today we ordered pizza (I was way too lazy to cook, and even lazier about going out to eat). And as I was paying the delivery guy he got the table set. I walked up with the box. Sat down and the looked at my water glass.

OH NO HE DID NOT. The glass was so full that not a drop more could have fit. My man... he is a prankster and oh so funny. Life is just more full with someone who gets you!



paul peggy zeus said...

This post was so cute, it made me smile. Way to tug at those heart strings!

lilmansworld said...

I think I literally said, "hahahaha"

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