Monday, October 3, 2011

On Lockdown

I was a little traveling diva there for a while. After my last miscarriage and my two week trip to Yellowstone… Mr. Rogue and I decided that I would be not traveling as much for a while; because you know getting pregnant while I am traveling all over the place makes things a little difficult. It hasn’t been that hard not traveling, sure I would love to have gone to see Ms. Ivey this summer (she is a teacher and has the summers off) and I haven’t even seen Ms. Pool Sharks baby yet and the baby is almost ONE, but I have been staying busy here and me staying home more makes Mr. Rogue happy.

This week I had made reservations for Mr. Rogue and I to go camping in Yosemite. Just a simple week away, just the two of us, and I was really looking forward to it. However between all the stuff going on with the house and the real estate licence I am getting things have been crazy for me, but also more importantly Mr. Rogue is way behind at work. So we decided reluctantly to cancel our vacation and hopefully take a trip somewhere else in January.

Although I understand why our trip needed to get cancelled it still sucks. The gift that we give each other each year for our wedding anniversary/my birthday is time, something that we get very little of. I guess because of the cancelled trip I have been itching to schedule something else, I want to get away, to see something new. But because I cannot run away to some fantastic far far away place. I instead realize that I am a LUCKY GIRL and I reminisce and feel grateful for the fabulous opportunities that I did have this past year.

… my Europe trip with two best friends,


… my Galapagos trip with my amazing husband


… my Yellowstone trip, a great time alone to heal my wounded soul


…and dream of a time soon where I will be somewhere new, on a plane whisking off to my next big adventure, Mr. Rogue’s hand in mine, marvelling at how fabulous the world is.


paul peggy zeus said...

Aw that's too bad. I know how much you were looking forward to this trip. Time is a precious commodity.

lilmansworld said...

when you go to PA let me know, I'd be willing to invade on your parade :)

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