Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Living in a Material World

So we haven’t officially closed on the new house yet, it is supposed to be scheduled for sometime next week, which means that we don’t have the keys to the new house. Mr. Rogue and I are chomping at the bit, we were supposed to get the keys September 28th but everything that has gone wrong... well its gone wrong. Now we are back on track, with a new get the keys date of October 24th. Not having the keys to the new house in my hand however does not seem to be a deterrent to my inner shopping monster. Since the house is 2.5 times the size of our current home we need a ton of new furniture, a new bed (Mr. Rogue put in the request for a Cal King that will fit his 6’2” frame better & we can use our current queen bed for the new guest room), a new living room set (since the new home has a living room and a family room), a library for me (hurrah I have always wanted a library and it is on my Rogue Life List), and many many other things. I have been dreaming about putting my own personal touch on this home since I walked through its new empty bones three months ago. I am having a hard time waiting, patience was never a strong point of mine and I want to buy everything now, heck I wanted to get everything weeks ago, yet I am attempting to reign myself in until we at least have the keys.

So I have been successful in the fact that I haven’t bought any furniture. I have however bought all the curtain rods, and material for the curtains. Yes MATERIAL, I am again going to be sewing all my own curtains. And let me gush for a moment because shopping for curtains is OH SO NOT FUN... shopping for material so I can make my own curtains is the best thing EVER. I had such a great time, let my inner little artist soar and I am so excited with the fabrics that we picked for the rooms.

Why am I so worried about the curtains you ask, well its because the house is brand new and there is absolutely NOTHING on the many windows. No rods, no blinds, no shades, not even ugly curtains that I could replace slowly. So I bought all the window fixings and will be FRANTICALLY working those first couple weeks to cover up all the windows as well as studying to take my real estate licence state test, as well as make our new empty house a real home, as well as get ready for a house warming party and family coming into town for the holidays. It’s gonna be a busy couple of months for sure, and I couldn’t be happier!

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paul peggy zeus said...

OOOOOOOH! I can't wait to see the fabrics you chose and how the whole house will be put together!! I love the house already and just can't wait to see your flair inside.

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