Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kitty Cat Burrito

I took Seurat to the vet today for a check-up on his nasty eye ulcer. Thank goodness for good news. Seurat’s eye is 80% better and it looks like surgery is no longer needed. Of course the kitty does not like to go to the doctor nor does he the doctor poking and prodding his hurt eye. The technician has come up with what she calls the kitty cat burrito. AKA a towel wrapped around the angry kitty to make sure he does not claw her or the doctor.


Although the eye still looks bad and I am still medicating him three times a day he is officially out of the woods. My little old man, I feel so bad for the pain he has been in but at least now he is on the long road to recovery without having to get his eye removed. I say that is a win.



paul peggy zeus said...

Poor Kitty, kitty. I'm so happy to hear that things are finally looking up for him. Good job, being his nurse aide.

lilmansworld said...

pussy with an attitude

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